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Vibrational Remedies That Reverse The Ageing Process,

Clear Unconscious Patterns, And Awaken Your Creative Genius

New Immortals range of vibrational remedies take you on an extraordinary journey of radical rebirth and regeneration. Clearing unconscious patterns from cellular memory, liberating you from the past, and unlocking your true creative nature as it activates your bodies natural healing abilities, regenerating stem cells to create true lasting transformation and change.

Technologies That Transform Your World

Transformational Technologies Invented By Nikola Tesla To Support Your Body And Brain To Be In Harmony Even Around 5G Activating Your Bodies Natural Healing Capacity

Modern technology emits EMF radiation everywhere we go, from cell phones to computers, WiFi routers, smart meters to phone towers. We are also being exposed to alternating current running through every appliance in our homes. These are all artificial chaotic waves that do not spin, which creates incoherence and wreaks havoc on our bodies. Science proves this leads to cancer and many chronic diseases.

"All disease is a lowering of frequency, an incoherent message" Dr Joe Dispenza

Tesla’s Evolutionary Technologies act like antennas just like pyramids, bringing in photon/tachyon energy (packets of light) into the body or the environment they are placed in. This brings everything back into coherence, to its natural state by neutralising the chaotic frequencies and creating a coherent field within our bodies and the environment they are in. When we are in a coherent state, all the systems of the body can communicate which activates our natural ability to heal, and create energy and vitality.