Welcome To The Turned On Evolution 

Our mission is to support you to fully embody and express your true nature and purpose, as we raise the consciousness of planet one person at a time. We do this by bringing you transformational products, trainings and coming together in community to support each other to heal, evolve and transform. 

Through our life-changing product ranges, our holistic and lucrative business opportunity and our Real Raw & Uncut TV and podcast series (launching soon),  we are dedicated to supporting your health, growth and evolution as you awaken your natural genius.

Our Values are: 

❤︎ Love ❤︎ Evolution ❤︎ Genius ❤︎ Transformation ❤︎ Wisdom ❤︎ Truth ❤︎ Expansion ❤︎ Growth ❤︎ Contribution ❤︎ Connection ❤︎ Harmony ❤︎Coherence ❤︎ Relationships ❤︎ Community ❤︎ Turned On ❤︎ Healing ❤︎ Health ❤︎ Education ❤︎ Abundance ❤︎ Lifestyle

We are revolutionising the way the conscious community live, where you are on a spiritual path, living your purpose and you have all the abundance you desire. An abundant healthy life also means an an abundant healthy bank balance.  To create a lifestyle of health and vitality, travel and adventure, amazing relationships, freedom, expansion and contribution, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Turned On Evolution is a Soul Family, We Are A Community Of Practitioners, Coaches, Digital Nomads, Millennials, Single Parents, Families, Retirees, Entrepreneurs, Corporates And Game Changers!

Whether you are seeking a healthier way to live in our fast-paced world,  more time with your family, a heart-driven, like-minded community, world-class training, an additional income stream or a lifestyle freedom business you can have it ALL in our Turned On Evolution Community. 

Access online events, in-person workshops, trainings and retreats, plus life-changing travel and adventure with our global trips, community projects and more. All the support you need is right here to walk your own path.

Join us and become part of the Evolution…. Yours and the world's.

Meet Kelly Marie

This vision has been germinating inside the Founder Kelly Oldershaw for over 15 years. A long held dream that was only able to be realised due to the healing power of Tesla's Evolutionary Products, and Immortality. 

As Kelly began using Tesla's products she began to heal, after 25 years of chronic illness her energy started returning, as she was able to start taking supplements again for the first time in over ten years, It kickstarted a new phase of her healing journey that she continues on, not letting it stop her pursue her dreams. As she discovered Immortality everything shifted, going from working 3 hours a day to full days, clear, focused and in flow magic began to happen.

Having been off social media for over two years, and off the radar for about 7 years, just quietly working with her clients and being on a very personal internal shamanic healing journey, it seemed all the work she had done over the past 15 years was starting to pay off and the time had come to birth her vision into the world. 

Kelly has a background in direct sales, whilst she was going through her healing journey in her 20s she needed to work part time, so become very successful with Mary Kay Cosmetics as a Senior Sales Director for 8 years, being Number 1 in sales the year she chose to leave and pursue a spiritual healing path.

With all that experience under her belt and with a huge passion for growth, healing, and contribution, Kelly combined her passions into a platform that is designed to serve people to awaken, connect and transform all over the world. 

Through transformational products and online trainings the platform offers world class products to support your evolution of your mind body and soul. 

Combined with an evolutionary community sharing model  to truly create a lifestyle freedom business that truly creates growth, abundance and gives back in incredible ways. 

Kelly is on a mission to bridge the gap between spirituality and the real world and to unite people in community creating a new code for life. Whereby we live our truth, express our gifts, receiving the abundance that flows with living in divine alignment as we contribute to the world by being our true selves and living our Genius.

Click below on Kelly's Story if you want to learn more about her journey.

Giving Back 

Turned On Evolution Charitable Foundation was inspired by the passion of one woman in Africa dedicated to creating an educare school for her Little Angels. 

Currently with no running water, or heating, with nearly 100 children on the waiting list, she needed help. 

So a percentage of every product sold goes directly to the foundation which is building an Educare Centre for Little Angels in Cape Town South Africa.

As an Ambassador you get to contribute greatly to this cause as you share these products and opportunity with others around the world.