Welcome To The Turned On Evolution 

Any business that facilitates transformation has its own soul. We partner with the soul of the Turned On Evolution, and as a result we are guided, inspired and stay aligned with the values that this incredible movement are built upon. Our mission is to support practitioners, coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs to fully embody and express their personal power. To evolve heal and quantum leap their lives and businesses so they can leave a legacy and change the world. We do this by bringing you transformational products, and leading edge trainings as we come together in community to support each other to heal, evolve and transform. 

Through our life-changing product ranges, our holistic and lucrative Ambassador Programme and our Real Raw & Uncut TV and podcast series (launching soon),  we are dedicated to supporting your health, growth and evolution as you unlock the codes to your true Genius.

Our Code Of Honour, The Values We Make A Stand For 

❤︎ Love ❤︎ Evolution ❤︎ Genius ❤︎ Transformation ❤︎ Wisdom ❤︎ Truth ❤︎ Expansion ❤︎ Growth ❤︎ Contribution ❤︎ Connection  ❤︎ Coherence ❤︎  Community ❤︎Turned On ❤︎ Healing ❤︎ Health ❤︎ Education ❤︎ Abundance ❤︎ Lifestyle

We are revolutionising the way the conscious community live, where you are on a spiritual path, living your purpose and you have all the abundance you desire. An abundant healthy life also means an an abundant healthy bank balance.  To create a lifestyle of health and vitality, travel and adventure, amazing relationships, freedom, expansion and contribution, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Turned On Evolution is a Soul Family, We Are A Community Of Evolutionaries, Practitioners, Coaches, Digital Nomads, Millennials, Single Parents, Families, Retirees, Entrepreneurs, Corporates, and Game Changers.

Whether you are seeking a healthier way to live in our fast-paced world and love our products, or you are seeking  more time with your family, a heart-driven, like-minded community, world-class training, an additional income stream or a lifestyle freedom business you can have it ALL in our Turned On Evolution Community. 

Access online trainings, our community forum to connect with evolutionaries around the globe. All the support you need is right here to walk your own path.

Join us and become part of the Evolution…. Yours and the world's.

Kelly Marie is the founder of The Turned On Evolution. She is known for her superconscious abilities to catalyse and awaken deep transformation in others, as well as connecting people around the world with tools that support and empower their health growth and evolution. 

But this is not where she started. Kelly has come a long way on her 25 year journey through chronic illness, and inspires others as she continues to create and build her legacy whilst still healing. Launching a business that did a quarter of a Million $ Dollars during the global pandemic, Kelly continues to inspire others to reclaim their personal power, embody their Genius and create an abundant aligned life regardless of their circumstances. 

Her evolutionary teachings and her unique way of coaching and facilitating weaves together universal creative premises, archetypal dynamics, shamanic quantum energetics and a deep commitment to truth. This allows those who work with Kelly to enter a portal, feeling held, seen, met and acknowledge. This allows for a quantum leap in the evolutionary hero’s journey of profound transformation that it takes to fully embody your Personal Power, express your Genius and live your true divine blueprint in the world. Whether you are feeling lost, out of alignment, or are on your path and already successful, Kelly's ability to initiate transformation, reveal illusions and take you to the next level of your Genius is a true gift.

Kelly's deep commitment to her own health, growth and evolution is what continues to allow her to expand her capacity to receive, create and facilitate transformation in service of her vision to serve others in truly embodying and living their Genius in the world.

Kelly is a warrior of light, she will activate you, recalibrate you, and unlock the codes to the next evolution of your Genius