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You Have A Divine Blueprint That Holds Your True Power

That Knows Exactly Who You Are And Why You Are Here

Decoding Your Personal Blueprint 

Everything you are creating in your life, from your health to your relationships to your bank balance can be mapped back to your blueprint.

Your blueprint is made up of different codes, archetypal patterns, both powerful and creative as well as dysfunctional and sabotaging aspects of your consciousnesses. This blueprint is held in your body and energy field, and every single memory, belief and even your ancestral lineage is held within you and your field. This creates a unique blueprint that creates your reality based on those codes.

The new science that is emerging is proving what the ancient Shamans have known for centuries, that when we bring these out of the shadows, clear, integrate and heal the imprints from our field, when we recalibrate we change our fate - into our destiny. As we activate the codes of our higher consciousness, the archetypal forces of our greatness, we raise our vibration, accessing higher dimensions, embodying our power and we create a whole new reality as we align with our souls divine blueprint. 

These Genius archetypal forces which we will activate during our 4 week transformational journey  are part of 5D consciousness and beyond, as you tap into the higher dimensions of your true creative spirit, you both descend into your body and ascend in your consciousness, this is essential and part of the transformation needed to becoming embodied in your true power. During this 4 week training you will access your superconsciousness and tune into your personal unique archetypal Genius Archetypes that form part of your Divine Blueprint. As you start activating these aspects of your consciousness, they guide you in creating powerfully in your relationships  your business, your family,  and supporting you to fully embody your personal power.

Decoding Your Shadow Sabotage Blueprint 

Every time you go for what you love, your shadow aspects team up and weave a masterpiece that leads to sabotaging the very thing you are going for, and they do it in the same way every single time. They do this because due to childhood traumas or even ancestral wounding you have disowned essential aspects of your nature. Until you become aware of this sabotage blueprint and discover your disowned aspects you will continue to run this pattern for a lifetime. No doubt you can still achieve success, but we know that there are times when we sabotage ourselves, or we have a threshold we cant seem to break through.  

During this training you will get to decode your personal sabotage blueprint and see the 5 phases that play out every single time you don't get what your are going for,  and you will discover the fragmented parts of yourself and we will retrieve them, brining you back into your wholeness. Once your shadow sabotage blueprint is decoded and you reclaim the disowned aspects of yourself;  you activate your personal power and these parts hold the keys to unleashing and embodying your Genius. 

Unlocking The Power To Transform Yourself And Your Reality

You will be guided through a powerful process to access your shadow archetypes and what drives them. Once you have unlocked your shadow blueprint, know your shadow archetypes, and receive the gifts they hold, and the keys they unlock for you, those once inner enemies, now become your allies. Fears, doubts, challenges, resistance, conflict, pain, It all becomes the fuel for your creative spirit, it no longer stops you, it now serves you, and upgrades you into more of your power. As you access your Genius Archetypes and start receiving the fullness of your true nature, and gifts, you unlock the power to transform yourself and your reality. 

You Access The Place Where You Trust Yourself Completely 

As we navigate this transformational journey you will remember your natural intuitive nature and will be trained in accessing your superconscious abilitiesYou will become turned on and guided by a deep inner knowing, that’s not reliant on past experiences, information, other peoples opinions, or even having to understand. You will start to become one with the natural laws of the universe,  find your own rhythm and flow and be divinely guided. You will be turned on to your unique gifts, your voice and true expression, to your Genius, your body, and your creative power.  You will develop a quiet confidence and acceptance in who you are, and why you are here. You will start to embody your power, live from your center, and be guided by your soul.

Receiving The Vision Of Your Soul - Your Divine Blueprint

Once you have met your shadow and Genius archetypes, and your dysfunctional shadow blueprint, it's time to glimpse into the true vision of your soul. You will be guided in a process that allows you to receive your divine blueprint, where all aspects of your Genius are expressed,  and you are creating the next phase of your life , embodying more of your true nature and purpose. 

Living From Your Code Of Honour And Embodying Your Genius

In order to not only transform but to embody this new aspect of ourselves, we need to live by a new code. During this journey you will create a 'Personal Code of Honour'. A new way of living and being in the world based on your true blueprint, values and codes that activate and guide your soul to it highest expression. 

This is where your WILL is aligned with divine WILL, and you are being guided by your soul. You are contributing to the world from your true nature, your real authentic expression, and you show up in all of your humanness, there’s nothing to fix, or hide, this is YOU - all of you.  You follow through on your intuitive knowing, you take inspired action, own your shadow and your Genius, and take responsibility for every aspect of your life. You make a stand for your heart, take care of yourself and claim the true vision of your heart.

As a result, your creative life force moves you in ways you never knew we're possible. You trust your intuition, live in the unknown, the playground of your true divine nature, and allow your humanness to be the gift that serves your Genius in creating an extraordinary life of love, magic and contribution. You are dedicated to your on evolution. You have daily rituals and practices that evolve your consciousness, that connect you to your highest truth and embodied presence. 

This Is The Hero's Journey Of The Genius Code

This Training Is NOT For Everyone

It is only for those ready to embrace the true Hero's Journey. To dive deep into your shadow and reclaim the fragmented parts of yourself that suppress and reject your true power and Genius. This journey requires courage and commitment to truly face your darkness, this is where your light is held, and it's only when you are prepared to take that journey that you truly transform and unleash the next evolution of your true power. The Genius Code requires a deep commitment to showing up to ALL of yourself, and the courage to claim both your shadow and your light as you active your Genius and reclaim your true power. Are you ready?

Your Facilitator On Your Evolutionary Hero's Journey

Kelly Marie

Kelly Marie is the founder of The Turned On Evolution, an online global community portal sharing life changing products and transformational trainings as a global movement of Genius Coaches emerges. She is known for her superconscious abilities to catalyse and awaken deep transformation in others, as well as connecting people around the world with tools that support and empower their health growth and evolution. 

But this is not where she started. Kelly has come a long way on her 25 year journey through chronic illness, and inspires others as she continues to create and build her legacy whilst still healing. Launching a business that did a quarter of a Million $ Dollars during the global pandemic, Kelly continues to inspire others to reclaim their personal power, embody their Genius and create an abundant aligned life regardless of their circumstances. 

Her evolutionary teachings and her unique way of coaching and facilitating weaves together universal creative premises, archetypal dynamics, shamanic quantum energetics and a deep commitment to truth. This allows those who work with Kelly to enter a portal, feeling held, seen, met and acknowledged  in order to take the evolutionary hero’s journey of profound transformation that it takes to fully embody your Personal Power, express your Genius and live your true divine blueprint in the world. Whether you are feeling lost, out of alignment, or are on your path and already successful, Kelly's ability to initiate transformation, reveal illusions and take you to your next level truth is a true gift.

Kelly's deep commitment to her own health, growth and evolution is what continues to allow her to expand her capacity to receive, create and facilitate transformation in service of her vision to serve others in truly embodying and living their Genius in the world.

Kelly is a warrior of light, she will activate you, recalibrate you, and unlock the codes to the next evolution of your Genius.

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Genius Code Training
  • Discover your unique Genius Archetypes, what activates them, and how together they form your divine blueprint and purpose. 
  • A powerful initiation into revealing your shadow archetypes and what drives them so you can unlock the gifts they hold.
  • The life-changing process to decode the 5 phases of your shadow sabotage blueprint and discover the fragmented aspects of yourself that hold your power.
  • A quantum soul retrieval, reclaiming and integrating these fragmented parts to bring you back into your wholeness and neutralise your sabotage pattern.
  • Practices to activate your intuition and superconscious powers.
  • Creating a ‘Personal Code of Honour’ based on your true blueprint, values and codes that activate and guide your soul to its highest expression.
  • Receiving your Divine Blueprint and true vision of your heart in all areas of your life, so you know where you are going, guided by your soul.
  • 4-week training consisting of x7 LIVE 90 minute transformational & experiential masterclasses twice a week.
  • Plus extra video trainings in your member's area.
  • All recorded and lifetime access.
  • Private Members Portal to connect with the community of evolutionaries, receive support and ask questions.
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