Discover A Whole New Relationship With Your Inner World. Unlocking The Deep Intelligence And Wisdom Of Your Body And Archetypal Blueprint As You Come Into Coherence And Integrate A New Way Of Being

During This Journey of 10 Live Modules Over 3 Weeks You Will Experience: 

  • Diving deep into the energetics of creating, wellbeing and true alignment
  • We bring your inner archetypes into alignment and embody your ALL that you are
  • We go deeper into the 3 operating systems of consciousness 
  • You integrate tools and processes to work with your nervous system, recalibrating it to a higher state of coherent consciousness
  • We dive into the magic of heart brain coherence as well as calibrating and how that impacts your reality
  • We navigate deeper states of trauma and how to 'unfreeze' and start integrating and retrieving the fragmented parts of yourself/your clients
  • This supports your body to activate its natural healing state and unlock more life force energy
  • Creating clarity, focus and alignment which are keys to manifesting and creating with ease.
  • We dive deeper into the belief dynamics and how to radically up-level your Emotional Intelligence
  • You learn life changing tools to alchemise conflict and create radical shifts as a result
  • Watch the radical ripple effect in your finances, relationships, personal power and creative expression
  • You calibrate to a new way of being
  • And expand your capacity to hold more, more of you, more love, more money, more tension, more clients, more joy
  • Option to become a certified Genius Coach if you choose
  • Join a private community portal where you access links to all Lives and all recordings
  • Connect within the portal to your fellow Geniuses to support celebrate and learn together
  • Activates you as a Senior Ambassador to earn commissions on sharing any of the products and trainings on Turned On Evolution

Restore - Relax - Reconnect

An alchemical remedy made from the frequencies of nature. Coherence code, part of our transformational range of Genius Code Frequencies  is a powerful message that supports a deep recalibration of your nervous system. Bringing you out of an autopilot over-stimulated, wired, or locked down, disassociated state so that you can adapt to stress, dropping you into a calm relaxed focus. It opens your heart and allows you to sink into a gentle and healing state as you embody the frequency of Love. Each ingredient works in symphony with the others and has been engineered and designed as an antidote to the burdens of stress, anxiety and trauma.  

The Coherence Code combines wildly different substances from a range of kingdoms to create a state that embodies the essence of tranquillity and brings you home to yourself. Regulating your nervous system, activating rest and digest is essential in healing, anti-ageing, connection and creating powerfully in the world. 

As you come into coherence, your brain and heart syncing, you awaken your intuitive inner knowing and your connection to your higher consciousnesses. It supports your ability to embody self-love and to nurture and take care of yourself as your highest priority in service of your divine plan. Living your Genius and creating powerfully starts with coherence and alignment as you raise your frequency, and embody your true power. You receive 1 bottle as a gift as part of the Coherence Code Training.

Ingredients, frequencies of: Blue Lotus, Ashwagandha, Emerald, The Light of Venus, The Dhanvantari Mantra.

Next Coherence Code 2022 Dates TBC