Immortality Vajra - The Second Phase In Your Immortal Journey

Immortality Vajra is an amplified version of Immortality and is created from the frequency of the Immortal Jellyfish, which has the ability to completely regenerate its structure when it gets old or injured, returning to its younger self. It's designed to be used in the second phase after you have been on Immortality for about 5 or 6 bottles.

Gifts Of The Immortal Jellyfish

This message to the cells of regeneration activates undifferentiated stem cells that can then be used to regenerate any part of its structure, returning it to a healthy version of itself prior to injury or disease.

It reverses the aging process as it activates stem cells returning not only your skin to an earlier version of itself, but your entire body. 

It miraculously works through your entire being clearing unconscious cellular memory and trauma from where ever it is stored in your body, freeing your from the dis-ease states this creates. As it is regenerating new stem cells it is realigning you to your natural innate blueprint, and as this happens, old pains, old injurys, dis-ease states have the ability to subside from the body as it receives the message to return to an earlier healthier version of itself.

The Next Phase Of Your Immortal Journey

Immortality Vajra has been created to finish the work of Immortality as we can stop responding so powerfully to the message after a while as the body literally becomes used to it and then we don’t receive as much benefit from the message it sends to our bodies.

Immortality vajra is made from the Immortal Jellyfish like Immortality but the process of amplification has been further rarefied and honed to a state where it is basically a new substance to the body and we can continue the de aging process at whatever rate we see fit.

“Vajra” - is known as a sacred tool, and an indestructible force. Which is why this stronger version was named this as the message of the Immortal Jellyfish has become indestructible in order to continue to be sent to the body in a way it can still be received by the cells to support radical regeneration and transformation.

Immortality normally stops working as strongly somewhere between six and eight bottles into the process depending on individual sensitivity, it maybe sooner for some.  Immortality Vajra gives us a fresh slate with the Immortality process which allows the journey to continue so we can get a full year of regeneration by using the two.

In addition to this, after using Immortality Vajra for a while we will be able to return to Immortality and it will continue working as it used to as we will have forgotten the adaptation we have developed to it and we will be approaching it from a fresh perspective. 

Think of being addicted to coffee and how we need greater and greater volumes to achieve the same result but if we switch to ginseng for a while and stop coffee all together when we eventually return to coffee it will be a bit like the first time.  

Creating A New Message For The Body

The body just needs a new message to respond to and when we adapt to this new message we go back to the old version and it will act as if we are new to it again. In this way we can continue alternating Immortality and Immortality Vajra forever, or for as long as we choose, which will ensure that we can always take advantage of its rejuvenating effects as well as the improved healing. 

After a year of alternating these two it is estimated that we will reach a point approximately half our age and we will then be in a position to age normally until we decide to run the Immortality process again after a number of years.  It is recommended to use after about 5 or 6 bottles of the original Immortality depending on if you are still responding to the message, could be earlier or later depending on your sensitivity.

Part Of The Immortal Vajra Trinity

Immortality Vajra is a part of Immortal Vajra Trinity with both Creation and Tranquility remedies, which gives you the chance to continue your potent journey of Immortality with the continued strength, power and magic of the message of the Immortal Jellyfish. 

Make sure you DON'T start with Immortality Vajra as it maybe way too strong for phase 1, start with Immortality /Immortal Trinity, until you have been on approx 5 bottles or you don't feel the imapct as stronger.

No Jellyfish are harmed, and the ingredients are frequency-based, there are no stem cells in the remedy, the bodies own stem cells are activated and are creating miraculous results as the body regenerates itself.


Part Of The Immortal Vajra Journey

Immortality activates the body to go on a deep healing journey, when suported by the incredible remedies of Liberation, Creation and Tranquility, you are truly held and supported and able to go deeper into the Immortal Journey.

Along the way we are likely to encounter a lot of the skeletons in our own closet that need to be cleared so we can have a whole new healthy body and a mind. 

Truly letting go of the past, from memories held in your cells, to belief systems and old patterns. Whilst supporting your nervous system as your whole body, mind and soul recalibrate, regenerate and rebirth the next evolution of yourself...


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$260.00 USD - $2,140.00 USD
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$210.00 USD - $1,690.00 USD


We do not hold any medical claims, effects vary from person to person. We are not stating that Immortality heals, cures or treats ANY condition. Peoples expereinces they share are thier own. It works on energetic levels first and foremost, naturally creating shifts in the physical body. Old aches, pains, injuries at times may come to the surface for further healing as a “detoxification” or purification like symptom. We are not regulated by the FDA or any other regulatory body, due to the fact it is a vibrational frequency. 

We do not recommend anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding use this remedy. Anyone using psychiatric medication should consult with their doctor/practitioner beforehand.