Embody The Essence Of Tranquility

Restore - Relax - Regenerate

Tranquility has been formulated to address many different aspects and factors that may inhibit us from feeling calm and tranquil. Each ingredient works in symphony with the others and has been  engineered and designed as an anti-dote to the burdens of stress and anxiety.  The synergistic formula combines wildly different substances from a range of kingdoms to create a state that embodies the essence of tranquility. 

This is a massive advance in the treatment of stress related complaints which, as we know, covers most of the root causes of disease.   If we can operate from a state of calm, the body has less friction and just runs more smoothly, ensuring enhanced health and longevity.

Opens Your Heart And Brings You Home

Tranquility is designed to help us adapt to stress, to support a calm disposition, open our hearts and allow us to sink into a gentle and healing state and we embody the frequency of Love.  As we come home into our bodies we are able to be more deeply present, to rest and relax as the nervous system unwinds and drops into parasympathetic, the state required for true healing

Tranquility can be used at any time to augment reality by allowing us to run more smoothly.  It is suited to use in the workplace, during exams, performance stresses as well as an aid to help with deep restful sleep or just when we are too wound up and need to calm down a bit.

The Finest Of All Natural Ingredients Brought To Their Highest Expression Alchemised Into Tranquility A Potent Vibrational Remedy

Blue Lotus

The Blue Lotus was prized as the most precious, relaxing and calming herb by the Ancient Egyptians due to its gentle yet potent effects. It was generally kept only for royalty. It brings us the essence of calm and relaxation and generally takes the volume down on the extremes of reality, it is like having silk poured on our nervous system, and shifts us into a parasympathetic state - the state of healing


Emerald is a stone of the heart and helps us relate to the world in a more trusting and openhearted way.   It is given as a necklace in certain cultures to ensure marital fidelity as it nourishes the heart and promotes internal satisfaction.


A sedating adaptogen which helps us adapt more efficiently to stress and allows us to perform more effectively with less strain on the system.  Adaptogens support the body in whichever unique way it may require.  Slightly sedating and calming effect on the body.  Taking adaptogens is like regular servicing on a car, they ensure better overall functionality by removing systemic resistance

Dhanvantari Mantra

The captured mantra of the Hindu God of Medicine.  The chanting of this mantra or consuming of the chanted mantra in water is said to cause all disease states to subside and to completely remove fear bringing us back into alignment with our natural state of being

Light Of Venus

The Light of Venus is light beamed directly from the planet Venus and captured in water. The light of Venus nourishes the heart and allows the essence of love to flow in and out of us.   When we are in love the brain is flooded with powerful neuro-chemicals and we feel fine with all that is.  When we operate from this state it is the exact opposite of stress which allows us to embody a new and healthy reality.


This potent mix of forces creates a potent remedy which works very deeply on the many causes of agitation; stress, isolation and fear itself.   It will help anyone to deal more effectively with the array of disturbing forces we confront on a daily basis

What Our Customers Are Saying

Tranquility Is Also One Of The Companion Remedies Along With Creation Forming Part Of The Immortal Trinity To Support And Hold You Through The Immortality Process of Regeneration And Rebirth

$40.00 USD - $330.00 USD
$40.00 USD - $330.00 USD
$40.00 USD - $330.00 USD
$40.00 USD - $330.00 USD
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$40.00 USD - $330.00 USD
$40.00 USD - $330.00 USD


The ingredients are distilled water which the frequencies are imprinted into and alcohol to preserve the remedy.

We do not hold any medical claims, effects vary from person to person. We are not stating that these remedies heal, cure or treat ANY condition. Peoples experiences they share are their own. It works on energetic levels first and foremost, naturally creating shifts in the physical body. We are not regulated by the FDA or any other regulatory body, due to the fact it is a vibrational frequency. 

We do not recommend anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding use this remedy. Anyone using psychiatric medication should consult with their doctor/practitioner beforehand.