A Life Changing Opportunity

Turned On Evolution is a soul family, we are a community of practitioners, coaches, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, millennials, students, seekers of truth, mums, single parents, families, retirees, creatives, corporates and game changers!

Whether you are seeking a healthier way to live in our fast paced technological world, more time with your family, a heart-driven, like-minded community, world class trainings to support your personal evolution, an additional income stream, a freedom business or being part of building schools in South Africa, you can have it all in our Turned On Evolution Community

Turned On Evolution Opportunity

What Does It Mean To Become An Independent Ambassador Or Founder Member And Join The Turned On Evolution Community?

Our Mission is to raise the consciousness of the planet through sharing transformational products and leading edge trainings to awaken you to more of your true nature, as we  support you to share your gifts with the world.     

We know that when something works for you and you love it, it's human nature to share it with others. Thats why we created an amazing ambassador and community sharing model that allows you to effortlessly share these incredible products with those you love and care about in your life and community. 

We know that to live a healthy and abundant life means a healthy bank account too. Our lucrative holistic community sharing model and compensation plan is designed for you to be just like an affiliate and share the products you love with others easily, or  to work together as a community to impact the lives of others. Unity consciousness is the way forward and if we work together we can all achieve so much more for ourselves, our families, our communities and the planet!

We have created a way to support you to be able to get started and share these life changing gifts with others as easily as possible. There are not many businesses out there where you can start for $99 that allows you to start making money instantly without the hassle of investing in stock, getting an office, needing staff, building your own website, sorting out banking systems and payment gateways, all this is done for you, you simply order your kit and can start sharing these life changing products with your own personal website within minutes, supported by a global community.

Two Opportunities - One Mission

To Raise The Consciousness Of The Planet

Ambassador Like An Affiliate You Love The Products And Want To Share Them

Are you a practitioner, coach, social influencer or an online entrepreneur with an amazing community? Passionate about health, growth and evolution and want to focus on sharing the products much like an affiliate. 

Share in person, via blogging, webinars or social media. With your own website,  you can promote the products you love and support the mission to raise the consciousness of the planet one person at a time, whislt staying focused on your own mission. 

Community Sharing Model Working Together As A Team

Are you a natural leader and passionate about supporting others? You love the products and have a passion for working within a team or community in service of their health, growth and evolution.  

You love supporting others in achieving their dreams and want to create a lifestyle freedom business and the abundance to live the life you have always dreamed of, whilst supporting others to do the same. This is how we work together to raise the consciousness of the planet one person at a time. 

How You Can Run Your Business

Leading Edge Products

  • Transformational products that support your whole families health and wellbeing
  • With current 4G technologies and the threat of 5G this is the perfect time to get these Tesla technologies out into the world
  • New product ranges added to support your growing business
  • World class business mastery training to support you to grow your business
  • Life changing products people are raving about as lives are impacted all over the world.

Training, Events and Recognition

We give you the support and training you need to build your business on your terms.

Online Training Vault full of product training and videos

  • Live Monthly Online Webinars to connect with the global community and receive training and Q&A
  • World Class Business Mastery Training To Support You To Grow Your Business
  • Online Marketing Support & Tools
  • Product Training
  • Articles, Videos And Community Support
  • Workshops, Retreats and Trainings 
  • Events & Celebrations
  • Recognition - It means so much when we are recognised for who we are, what we achieve and the impact we are making in the lives of others. 

Business Support

  • Your own personal and personalised e-commerce website
  • An ability to market products and online programmes individually online by adding buttons onto blogs and other social media platforms
  • Payment systems sorted, clients pay us, we pay you
  • Get your own International USD/GBP/EUR/AUS account and transfer to your personal account if you choose.
  • Marketing Materials, Leaflets and Social Media Memes
  • Backend Login for ordering products, tracking orders, and seeing how your team are doing.

Freedom Lifestyle

Whether you are looking for a part time income or a full time international business, we offer you everything you need to thrive. No business or sales experience required, (but awesome if you do have it) we give you all the training you need to create a lifestyle business that supports your vision, your family and the lifestyle of your dreams.

  • Integrate this into your current work/offering 
  • Earn up to 30% commission on the products
  • Earn leadership commissions and bonuses as you support your community to grow their businesses
  • Incentives, dinners and tons of fun
  • Amazing holidays to exotic locations 
  • Being a part of a heart driven soul family and community, relationships that last a lifetime
  • The chance to give back by contributing to building schools in South Africa. 

Choose Your Path

Become A Founder Member - Limited To Only 100

Founder Member Essentials Kit for 1 $1200

Founder Member Apartment kit for 1 $1795

Founder Member Small House kit for 2 $1755

Founder Member Elite House Kit for 2 $2150

$1200 - $2150 USD One Off + $9.95 Monthly

Order Your Kit And Join Us Today

  • Becoming a Founder Member is a once off opportunity to come in at the ground level of this global business. Supporting us through the prelaunch, offering feedback as we test and get everything in place.
  • Once all founder members are in, from then onwards when people find us and become an Ambassador they will be put in under the founder members, so your team can grow organically too.
  • You come with the title of Team Leader - which means that you start straight off with higher level commissions and Team Leader Bonus (see comp plan for more info).
  • 10-30% Discount on Retail Price so you are earning 10-30% Commission on all your sales and personal orders.
  • Receive your own International Account. You can transfer your money into your personal bank account if you choose.
  • Your kit contains Either 5G Tesla Essentials Kit, which includes 1 Pendant of your choice, 1 set of Phone Tags, a Pocket Plate, 5G House Plate and Electron Stabilizer, or 5G Apartment Kit which includes all the essentials kit plus Travel Plate, Water Kit and Laptop/Tablet Tags which are all for personal use and as demonstration.

  • Opportunity for you to introduce others into Turned On Evolution as part of your team.
  • Your own e-commerce website for customers to order and for people to join your team online.
  • Marketing structure on the website to help you grow your business online.
  • Backend website so you can track your sales, orders, commissions and see a visual of your teams success and sales.
  • Recognition & Incentives - See how well you and your team are doing.
  • Turned On Training Vault for training materials and support.
  • Access to world-class trainings.
  • Access to retreats, workshops, events, awards, dinners and celebrations. 
  • Online Marketing Materials, and social media copy.
  • Videos to post on blogs and social media.
  • Monthly Live webinar training and Q&A Sessions.
  • $9.95 on 1st of each month for maintaining your personal e-commerce site as well as access to your backend office. 
  • We add on new products and offerings as they come for you to share and receive commissions on.