Tesla's Starter Kit


  • 10-30% Discount on Retail Price so you are earning 10-30% Commission on all your sales and personal orders depending on your monthly sales
  • Receive your own International USA/EUR/GBP/AUS Account. You can transfer your money into your personal bank account if you choose
    You can transfer your money for low cost into your personal bank account if you choose
  • Your kit contains 1 Pendant of your choice
  • Opportunity for you to introduce others into Turned On Evolution as part of your team
  • Your own e-commerce website for customers to order and for people to join your team online
  • Marketing structure on the website to help you grow your business online 
  • Backend website so you can track your sales, orders, commissions and see a visual of your teams' success and sales
  • Recognition & Incentives - See how well you and your team are doing 
  • Turned On Training Vault for training materials and support
  • Access to world-class training 
  • Access to Retreats, workshops, events, 
  • Awards, dinners and celebrations 
  • Marketing Materials, leaflets and social media copy
  • Monthly Live webinar training and Q&A Sessions
  • $9.95 a month, debited on 1st of each month

IMPORTANT *** When you order your Kit, please make sure you know which Pendant/Pendants you want before you place your order, So choose from the product page which shape and colour pendant you would love. You will be asked at checkout to add your pendant/s to your cart, make sure you go through this step to ensure you receive your pendant/s with your kit.

***Pendants may vary slightly from the website images due to them being hand-painted by our artists with Love, every pendant, therefore, is a one of a kind. You, of course, choose which design/colour you want from the images on the site as a guide.

All plates come in many different patterns and these cannot be personalised, you can look forward to the surprise of what you receive, they are all beautiful and made with Love. If you did want a personalised plate there is a 4-week wait due to the time it takes to create the plate and then the painting.

Please note that items shipped internationally may be subject to import duties, taxes and/or charges which vary from country to country and are not included in the cost.


$99.00 USD
This item requires
Monthly Membership
Monthly Membership
$9.95 USD / Month