Bare Essentials Kit

Looking for somewhere to start getting Turned On and receiving an energetic upgrade? The Teslas Bare Essential Kit is designed to do exactly that. It includes:

  • 1x Adult Pendant 
  • 1x Pocket Plate
  • 1x Set of Phone Tags

Personal Pendant

Pendants are designed for personal use only, as they sink in with the body's energy once it is worn for 12-24 hours. It adapts to our body's matrix and cannot be changed afterwards, therefore the pendants do not have a return policy.

For adults, shapes are round, oval, 8-sided, 10-sided, 14-sided, dolphin and surfboard. All different shapes have the same effects, however, some shapes are more preferable from one person to another. The shape should resonate with your own beliefs. First, you should choose the shape, and only then the artwork.

The pendant should be worn over the thymus gland - 3 fingers down from the hole in the basement of the neck. You should not give it to other people.

Some of the benefits:

  • The Pendant enhances the thymus and the immune system, strengthening our body to fight diseases.
  • It recovers our body's energetic field and helps it to grow and be more resistant. 
  • The Pendant increases our body's vibrational strength to line up with the planet. 
  • It stabilises our brain and allows us to feel more grounded, relaxed and centred.
  • The pendant supports the body's natural ability to heal, increases energy levels, and well-being overall.
  • When EMFs are neutralised and our brains are more coherent, it supports reducing or clearing depression and anxiety.
  • The Pendant is essential for kids with ADHD and makes a massive difference in their ability to stay focused and calmer. 
  • It is essential for people who are smoking as the Pendant returns microcapillaries and blood flow to normal much faster. 

Pocket Plate

The Pocket Plate is a very convenient and handy Plate for everyday use. It can be easily put in a pocket, wallet, or bra and brought everywhere to neutralise the harmful effects of EMFs.

The plate has a concave side giving 70% of energy and domed side giving 30%, therefore, should be used in accordance with the needs.

There are many uses and benefits from this Plate, some of them are:

  • In a restaurant, you can put it underneath a glass of water or a plate to detoxify food.
  • The plate, as it brings light into the body, can help with aches and pains, migraine etc.
  • It may help with swollen body parts to get rid of extra liquid.
  • The Plate can reduce fever by putting it on a forehead, under a pillow or on a body. 
  • You can put it under the mattress where a child/baby sleeps for support.
  • You can put the Plate under your pillow to support a deep and rejuvenating sleep.
  • You can treat allergies by holding a plate close to the face/nose a few times per day. After a couple of weeks of doing that, allergies can disappear.
  • You can put your razor on the plate for it to stay sharp much longer. 
  • You can use it for your wine by leaving the plate for a couple of minutes to improve its taste.

Phone Tags

Digital mobile phones use a microwave/radio frequency that pulses at 217 times per second. As well as the EMF Wifi Data element of the phone. Many of us are on our phones for hours every single day, exposing our body and our brain to these harmful frequencies.

Phone Tags come in 2 to be placed on the opposite corners of the backside of the phone. It is important to place it in a way that the line of the tag is parallel (straight) to the sides of the phone. Can be transferred to a new device once needed. Phone Tags send 70% of energy to the phone and 30% to the person. 

There are many benefits and uses for the phone tags:

  • They decrease phone radiation impacting our bodies by neutralising the frequencies so you can be in harmony when using your phone. 
  • Tags impact ourselves and people around us too, as phones have up to 3-meter radiation fields.
  • Phone Tags increase the signal reception. 
  • Phones are heating less, once Tags are put on. 
  • Tags can be put on small devices like smartwatches, Bluetooth headphones and speakers, electric guitars, cameras and go-pro etc.
  • You can use the tags for eye, toe and any other small body part's healing by placing them on top.
  • You can put a Phone Tag on the bottom of a non-metal water bottle to treat the water.

IMPORTANT *** When you order your Kit, please make sure you know which Pendant/Pendants you want before you place your order, So choose from the product page which shape and colour pendant you would love. You will be asked at checkout to add your pendant/s to your cart, make sure you go through this step to ensure you receive your pendant/s with your kit.

***Pendants may vary slightly from the website images due to them being hand-painted by our artists with Love, every pendant, therefore, is a one of a kind. You, of course, choose which design/colour you want from the images on the site as a guide.

All plates come in many different patterns and these cannot be personalised, you can look forward to the surprise of what you receive, they are all beautiful and made with Love. If you did want a personalised plate there is a 4-week wait due to the time it takes to create the plate and then the painting.

Please note that items shipped internationally may be subject to import duties, taxes and/or charges which vary from country to country and are not included in the cost.

$297.00 USD