Founder Member Tesla's 5G Large House Kit For 2
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The Kit saves you $536, By investing in a complete kit we are able to offer a 20% discount on each of the kit items to encourage you to take care of your entire home and family’s bio-energy needs at the best investment possible. This kit really allows you to support yourself and feel at home in a Tesla bubble. The 5G Apartment Kit was put together to assist you to cover your house, car, phones, water and your body with Tesla's technologies to return the environment to a feeling of ‘back to nature’.

To allow living harmoniously with frequency interference such as mobile phone towers, high voltage power lines, smart meters, radar, underground water and ley lines, electrical substations, transformers in the street, the list goes on…

This includes:

  • 2x Adult Pendants - To strengthen your bio-energy field, protecting you from EMF Radiation.  Helps concentration, alters brainwave states to support relaxed focus and deeper meditations. Increases your vibrations to align with the planet's vibrations.
  • 1x Pocket Plate - Helps with EMFs, carry it around with you. Good for minor pains or bruises. Can be used to alter the taste of water. Calms the nervous system and raises your vibrational frequency as it delivers photons of light to your energy field and cells in your body.
  • 2x Sets of Phone Tags - Digital mobile phones use a microwave/radio frequency that pulses at 217 times per second. As well as the EMF Wifi Data element of the phone. The Tags alter biological effects coming from radiation and allow us to be in harmony when using the phones.
  • 1x Car/Travel Plate - Helps alter the aggressive fields coming from the electronics in cars. Also great for travelling on trains or planes and helps reduce jet lag. Many owners feel less fatigue when driving and have reported at least 10% fuel saving per tank plus their tyres last longer than normal. Also, powerful support to further strengthen the body's energy field. Helps recalibrate the body, working at a cellular level delivering photons of light to the cells.
  • 1x 5G Large Oyster House Plate - Cover 30 Acres of Land. Helps households cope with Geopathic Stress, EMF Radiation and air ionisation. It produces specific energy which alters the frequencies from Mobile Phone Towers, Satellites, WiFi, Radar and High Voltage power lines, rendering them biologically compatible.  In the process of doing this, plant and animal life are also energised. Also good for offices and workplaces along with the Electron Stabiliser, the workers are calmer and far less stressed and depleted.
  • 1x Electron Stabiliser - Fits on to a power cord and turns the chaotic frequencies in the electricity running through the entire house into coherent frequencies. This creates calm harmonious energy. Many practitioners and restaurant owners attract more clients due to the amazing feeling the clients feel in the space. 
  • 1x Standard Water Kit - Puts life force into tap water, makes it taste & feel like rainwater. The one-time purchase brings good water for Life, for yourself, your children and your pets. The Water Kit technology aids the water to return to its natural energised state and to service all water supplied to the home. Has no moving parts, contains no magnets, uses no chemicals or electricity and does not filter the water. Traditional Water Kit should be placed on the main water pipe.

IMPORTANT *** When you order your Kit, please make sure you know which Pendant/Pendants you want before you place your order. Choose which shape and colour you would love from the product page. You will be asked at checkout to add your pendant/s to your cart, make sure you go through this step to ensure you receive your pendant/s with your kit.

***Pendants may vary slightly from the website images due to them being hand-painted by our artists with Love. Every pendant, therefore, is a one of a kind. You, of course, choose which design/colour you want from the images on the site as a guide.

All plates come in many different patterns and these cannot be personalised, you can look forward to the surprise of what you receive, they are all beautiful and made with Love. If you want a personalised Plate, there is a 4-week wait due to the time it takes to create the Plate and then the painting.

Please note that items shipped internationally may be subject to import duties, taxes and/or charges which vary from country to country and are not included in the cost.

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Monthly Membership
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