Immortality Bali

Immortality is a vibrational remedy made from the immortal jellyfish which has the ability to completely regenerate its structure when it gets old or injured, returning to its younger self. This message to the cells of regeneration activates undifferentiated stem cells that can then be used to regenerate any part of its structure, returning it to a healthy version of itself prior to injury or disease. This miracle of nature has been captured in a form our bodies can understand and is now available as immortality the vibrational remedy.

Ingredients: Distilled water, alcohol as a preservative to extend shelf life, vibrational frequencies (The Immortal Jellyfish Turritopsis Dohrnii)

Includes 1 – 10ml bottle of immortality. We recommend taking 7 drops a day, or as desired. If used daily, one bottle lasts approximately 3 weeks to one month, though this can be enough for a longer period or as one intuitively feels required to take more.  

We do not hold any medical claims, effects vary from person to person. It works on energetic levels first and foremost, naturally creating shifts in the physical body. Old aches, pains, injuries at times may come to the surface for further healing as a “detoxification” or purification like symptom.

We do not recommend anyone who is pregnant or Breastfeeding using this remedy. Anyone using psychiatric medication should consult with their doctor beforehand. 

*** 2, 3, 6 & 9 Bottles Available. All prices in USD

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9 Bottles $1350 - Save $360 - You Pay $990

Monthly Autoship available at $140 per month, ongoing until you stop it 

Monthly Autoship for 2 People $275 per month until you stop (Saving $5 a month)
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