Liberation Code

Liberating You From Your Past

Your conditioning, ancestral lineage, past experiences, stress and traumas become the unconscious coding you hold within you. As you live your life and carry all this stagnant unresolved unhealed energy, it drains your life force, puts your nervous system into a state of either Auto-pilot overdrive or takes you into lockdown.

Liberation Code uncouples the memories stored in your body from the emotions that keep them locked there. This gives you the ability to finally put things to rest, often things long forgotten by the conscious mind but buried deep in the body's memory and frozen in time which fragments you. Liberation Code is able to go back to those frozen states and put them into motion. This allows them to come to completion through dreams or waking situations and allows them to fall away as they have literally been experienced in your body, not just as an idea. This starts to bring you back home to yourself and reclaim the parts of you that have been stuck in the past.

This leaves you stronger and more grounded as the energy that was being used to hold those memories, and the energy of the memories themselves is now free for you to use to heal, evolve and create a new reality.  This translates into greater focus, less energy loss, better sleep and greater openness.

When your focus is not being spent on running old patterns which have now been integrated in the body, you are able to bring all your energy to your true path and creative expression.  It also means that you do not spend your time dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, instead you reclaim your power so you can all be who you were born to be, liberated and free as you create your destiny.

Individual ingredients: Shungite; Panch Agni; Royal Jelly; The Rasashastric Navaratna (100 Cycle) Which Is Comprised Of The Reacted Bhasmas Of Ruby, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, White Topaz, Chrysoberyl, Hessonite, Fresh Water Pearl Lapis, Laxuli Himalayan Red, Coral Monoatomic Gold, Monoatomic Silver, & Organic Red Rose Petal; Kunkika Mantra; Light Of Jupiter; Protea Flower Essence; & Reishi.

Ingredients: spring water, alcohol, vibrational essences (as listed above).

We recommend taking 7 drops a day, or as desired. If used daily, one 10ml bottle lasts approximately one month.

Disclaimer: We do not hold any medical claims, effects vary from person to person. We don don't claim to heal treat or cure any medical or health condition. The statements and products are not verified by FDA or any other regulatory body due to them being a vibrational frequency.

$144.00 USD