Pocket Plate

The Pocket Plate is a very convenient and handy Plate for everyday use. It can be easily put in a pocket, wallet, or bra and brought everywhere to neutralise the harmful effects of EMFs.

The plate has a concave side giving 70% of energy and domed side giving 30%, therefore, should be used in accordance with the needs.

There are many uses and benefits from this Plate, some of them are:

  • In a restaurant, you can put it underneath a glass of water or a plate to detoxify food.
  • The Plate, as it brings light into the body, can help with aches and pains, migraine etc.
  • It may help with swollen body parts to get rid of extra liquid.
  • The Plate can reduce fever by putting it on a forehead, under a pillow or on a body. 
  • You can put it under the mattress where a child/baby sleeps for support.
  • You can put the Plate under your pillow to support a deep and rejuvenating sleep.
  • You can treat allergies by holding a plate close to the face/nose a few times per day. After a couple of weeks of doing that, allergies can disappear.
  • You can put your razor on the plate for it to stay sharp much longer. 
  • You can use it for your wine by leaving the plate for a couple of minutes to improve its taste.
$109.00 USD