Teen, Child & Pet Pendants

Teen Pendants

Teenage Single Dolphin or Surfboard help the wearer cope with the unseen world of frequencies.  Great for reducing ADHD symptoms. When worn concave facing the body over the thymus, this helps the immune system, allows clearer thinking, has a calming effect and  helps the young adults cope with the effects of EMF Radiation. The size is appropriate for ages 8 to 18 years

Child Pendants

The Child Personal Pendant is designed to be worn by children from baby to approximately 8 or 9 years of age.  Once the pendant has been worn for more than 12 hours consecutively, it can no longer be worn by another child.  These are great for children with ADHD to support them without using drugs. It creates a calm safe environment for them as it strengthens their energy field, helps to ground them and supports their cognition and learning abilities allowing them to be more focused.

Pet Pendants

Our pets get affected by these chaotic frequencies and they can cause all the same dis-eases that humans get affected by, so its important that we support them to be in harmony with their environment. There are three different sized pendants available depending on the size of your cat or dog – Small, Medium or Large

The Personal Pendant is designed to strengthen your bio-energy field. It turns the chaotic distorted EMF radiation frequencies into coherent waves supporting your body to maintain balance and harmony and activate natural healing processes. It also helps ground and connect you to the earths resonance as well as increasing activity in the lower brain frequencies that we experience in deep meditation, focus and concentration. It is specifically designed to be worn over the thymus so comes with an adjustable waxed cotton cord so it can be worn around the neck. Once worn for 24 hours the pendant syncs to your own bodies matrix and cant be worn my anyone else.

***Pendants may vary slightly from the website images due to them being hand painted by our artists with Love, every pendant therefore is a one of a kind. You of course choose which design/colour you want from the images on the site as a guide.

Teen Pendan info

$57.00 USD
$57.00 USD
$57.00 USD
$57.00 USD