In this report we will cover:

  • What is EMF?
  • What is 5G Technology
  • The impact EMF has on your body
  • What health issues are linked to EMF radiation
  • What can you do about it
  • Understanding Teslas Evolutionary Technologies

5G Is Coming It Is Up To 15,000 Times Stronger
Than Current EMF

Educate Yourself And Discover The 5 Steps To Protecting
Yourself And Your Family From The Invisible Force That Is Linked To Cancer, Chronic Diseases, Alzheimer's, Autism And Damaging Our Children's Brains

Why Do You Need To Create Coherence And Protect Your Body And Bio-Energy Field?

Your Bio-Energy field holds the blueprint of health and dis-ease, success and failure.  It holds within it everything that has ever happened to you as an imprint from your traumas to your ancestral lineage and genetic DNA. Why is it that Cancer can be healed in the body, only to return? It is because it has not been healed at its root - which is the imprint in our energy field. 

Creating Coherence and living in a Turned On Coherent state is vital to living our Genius, our true nature and purpose and creating ultimate health and vitality.   

For nearly 20 years The HeartMath Institute have been studying and teaching the impact of creating coherence on our health, relationships and success. 

E = mc2 Albert Einstein’s famous equation demonstrates that energy and matter are so fundamentally connected that they are essentially one and the same and are completely interchangeable.

Every living thing from a human being to an animal, tree or leaf has a bioenergy field. And as Einstein’s equation demonstrates our bodies (matter) and our energy fields are completely interrelated and connected. So our energy field impacts our emotions, brain function, microbiome, organs and every cell in our body.

The ancient shamans knew and more recently Dr Joe Dispenza talks about any dis-ease, or circumstance in our life, the imprint is held in our bio-energy field. We have to clear it from the field to clear it from the body.

Through Bio-feedback and other technologies we can now read the frequencies and see the Bio-energy field. 

EMF/Wifi Radiation Is Completely Obliterating Our Bio-Energy Fields

Within minutes of being close to Smart Meters and other EMF radiation, our energy fields are knocked out. Research in the documentary "5G Apocalypse" show the impact.

Nikola Tesla said when he created his electrical inventions “they will be the most dangerous thing to man on earth’. 

EMFs create a chaotic frequency and create incoherence and major disruption in our energy field and therefore within every cell of our body. We cannot maintain homeostasis (balance) of our immune systems, microbiome or brain function without a strong and coherent energy field. 

The increase in Autism, Alzheimer's, Cancer, ALS, MS, Autoimmune conditions are all being linked to the increased exposure to EMF Radiation. The science is there to back it all up.

What About 5G - Ignorance Is NOT Bliss In This Case!

Whether you understand about 5G or are sensitive to the radiation, either way this will have a MASSIVE impact on YOU and especially on the children of this planet. 

We started with 2G and have gone up to 4G, and ALL the chronic conditions that are on the increase is with 2.4 GHz current EMF/Wifi Radiation (which was known in 1973 as a wave frequency that destroys our ability to fight off infections and impact our immune system). 

5G is a Weapons System masquerading as technology. It is in fact a ploy for world domination by the invisible forces, It is NOT just about faster download speeds and technological advancements. All the new SMART technologies coming out are based on stealth technologies. The LED lightbulbs in our homes and offices will become antennas to track our every move. (see 5G Apocalypse Documentary for more info) As the SMART grids are put in place eventually Aircon, printers, coffee machine will all be plugged into this grid and every time you use them data will be transmitted to towers.

Mark Steele a weapons systems expert says 5G is a Killer! 5G will bring 60-300GHz and uses Millimeter waves which are Military Weapons used in crowd guns. He says that the SMART technology stands for: 

S - Secret 

M - Military 

A - Armament 

R - Residency 

T - Technology 

Developed for intelligence gathering purposes. There will be NO privacy as over 20,000 satellites will be blast into orbit which will cover every square foot of the planet, as well as the millions of 5G masts. There will be no where to hide from this radiation. Which is 100 times the current EMF Wifi radiation levels. 

Former Microsoft President Frank Clegg states 5G is NOT safe, and that every 3-10 homes and every 500 feet in public areas with have 5G Antennas. 5G has NOT been tested and nobody can get insurance on its effects. 

The man made frequencies such as EMF produced from high voltage power lines, radio transmission towers, cell phone towers and even the wiring and chaotic electrical currents in our homes and offices are completely obliterating our energy fields. Environmental Health Professor David Carpenter, founder of Albany School of Public Health, and author of 370 peer-reviewed publications, issued a public letter on the plausible toxic risks of intensive, pulsed-microwave smart metering.

There is currently an International Appeal with 237 EMF Scientists from 41 Nations urging the United Nations and WHO (World Health Organisation) to put in protective guidelines and educate the public especially around the children and pregnant women. (sign the petition here) 

You can do your own research. To find out for yourself source of this info came from Documentary 5G Apocalypse. We have to start taking 100% responsibility for our own health and wellbeing and taking steps to protect our bodies and especially the children and pregnant women of this planet, who are our future - from the catastrophic effects of 5G.

Geopathic Stress - What Is It - And How It Affects You

1. Ley lines (geo-electromagnetic field lines in the earth underground) 

2. Underground water

3. Above ground high-tension wires, phone towers etc. 

Many people living in areas of Geopathic Stress can lose physical strength, energy and many illnesses are claimed to be linked by these forces include; feeling fatigued even after a night's sleep, aching muscles and joints, emotional over-sensitivity, hyperactivity and aggression. Geopathic Stress causes a weakness of the immune system, and can lead to an inability to absorb nutrients properly, which can result in headaches, depression or stress. 

Geopathic Stress has been found to be the most common factor in serious and long-term illnesses and some psychological conditions.

Scientists at Dulwich Health Society, UK, studied over 25,000 people with ill health & concluded: 

Geopathically Stressed (GS):

  •     100% of people who get secondary cancer
  •     95% of people who get cancer
  •     95% of children with hyperactivity etc
  •     95% of people who develop AIDS
  •     80% of parents/caregivers who abuse children
  •     80% of people who get divorced
  •     80% of couples unable to have babies
  •     80% of women who have a miscarriage
  •     80% of babies who died of Cot Death
  •     70% of M.E. (Post Viral Fatigue) sufferers
  •     70% of people who are allergic to food/drink

In other studies doctors in Europe, who between them have investigated over 10,000 cancer patients, found 92% were living in a GEOPATHICALLY stressed environment.

Geopathic Stress does not CAUSE any illness, but lowers your immune system & your ability to fight off viruses & bacteria. It is a weak, but continuous stress on the DNA. Over a period of years it seriously disrupts metabolism on a molecular scale. The most common indication of Geopathic Stress is resistance to treatment (either conventional or alternative).

Technology Is Essential In Our Modern World

We all know that the advances in technology are changing the world as we know it, and so much good is also coming from technology and we need it to navigate the 21st century, All we are asking from the powers that be, is that it is safe for us and future generations, and currently it is not safe for any of us. 

The Impact In Nature

In the past few years, 80% of insects and 75% of songbirds have vanished – but only in areas with “good” cellphone coverage (which is now blanketing the western world). Info here.

Bee population

A new study shows that cell phone and EMF radiation may be contributing to declines in bee populations in many areas of the world. After three months of exposure of new towers or meters they found the bees stopped producing honey, egg production by the queen bee halved, and the size of the hive dramatically reduced. Studies here.

Nature is being severely affected by Cell towers, EMF smart meters and all the Radiation thats being emitted. As you can see the trees surrounding the cell tower are dying.  When 5G arrives in full force Radars will sweep the countryside sterilising life stock killing the ground and farming will die. 

Our Children

The impact on Children’s Brains is undeniable. France has banned Wifi in nursery schools and have major warnings for regular schools due to impaired learning capacity in wifi areas. 

When children use phones, tablets and iPads you can see from the scans this is what is happening in their developing brains.  Many schools around the world are rallying to get phone towers and 5G masts banned due to the major effects EMF radiation has on developing brains and on learning and cognition. The increase in ADHD and Autism is a major factor in the increase in EMF Radiation. Studies on the neurological effects of EMF.

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) has been shown to be increased and linked with EMF Radiation and EMF Sensitivity. Info here.

When children used phones and tablets

  • Impacts relationship with parents

  • Impacts ability to get to sleep and sleep quality

  • Affects their ability to learn and cognition

  • Activates tantrums

  • Becomes their first addiction even from 2 years old

  • Can increase risk of mental illness

  • It can make them aggressive

Autism On The Rise

The number of autistic children is increasing exponentially and by 2025 it is estimated that 50% of the children born may be diagnosed with Autism by the time they reach the age of 4 (Stephanie Seneff, PhD Research Scientist and MIT).  Dr Klinghardt World Leading Expert on Chronic Diseases and Autism has done research and studies on Autism showing the link between Toxins, Pathogens, Heavy Metals and EMF Radiation in Autism. 

Infertility & Pregnancy

According to recent studies 1 in 6 women struggle to get pregnant, there is a significant increase each year on these stats. It has been shown the sperm count is being affected, both quantity and quality. EMF Radiation is damaging the mitochondrial DNA of the sperm. 

In the womb, the ovaries are most at risk in the body from EMF radiation and that is even when a baby is in the womb, her ovaries are being damaged. It is estimated that within 5 generations if this continues most women will become infertile due to the damage to the ovaries that is happening through the generational DNA.

Research in California has shown that EMF Radiation increases the risk of Miscarriage by up to 50%. Research info here.

As previously mentioned Dr Klinghardt did a study and tested women who had Autistic children verse those who did NOT have Autism. Those who when pregnant slept in WIFI with much higher EMF Radiation ALL had autistic children, those who didn’t their children did NOT have autism. It clearly showed the link between the EMF Radiation during pregnancy and Autistic children being born.

Chronic Fatigue, M.E, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Unexplained AutoImmune Conditions

These conditions have been on the increase, with so many complex symptoms. Many people suffering for over 15 or 20 years. Dr Klinghardt explains that heavy metals, toxins, pathogens retroviruses and EMF radiation exposure are at the root of all of these conditions. He explains that unless you get support and protection from the EMF radiation your body and immune system simply cannot heal. Interview here.

EMF’s And Heavy Metals

EMF radiation drives the release of toxic mercury vapour from dental amalgam fillings. 80% migrate into the Central Nervous System with a half-life of 32 years. Heavy metal toxicity and wifi radiation are linked to Autism, Alzheimer's, ALS, MS and other autoimmune conditions.  Dr Klinghardt's research and info here.

Dr Klinghardt did a study with Autistic children that found that Mothers whilst pregnant who had Heavy Metals and Pathogens and who were exposed to constant EMF radiation went to have Autistic children. 

Brain Tumours, Thyroid Cancer, Testicular and Rectal Cancer ALL On The Rise Where Mobile Phones Are Kept Or Held

The massive increase in Brain Tumours, Thyroid Cancer, Testicular and Rectal Cancer also in young people are ALL Cancers in areas of the body where we put our mobile phones. (Info here). As well as previously mentioned Autism, Alzheimer's, Mental Illness, ALS, MS, Autoimmune Conditions, Infertility, Other Cancers, Chronic Fatigue, M.E, Fibromyalgia, these are all being scientifically shown to be linked with exposure to EMF Radiation.  Research here.

EMF sensitivity is a huge issue for many and varies from person to person. Some people are so severely affected that have to move to rural areas, some leaving their family and communities to get away from the radiation. Most people are completely unaware of the impact that invisible waves have on our day to day lives. 

Gut - Brain And The Microbiome

Our health, our brain function, and ability to feel joy, relaxed, focused and full of energy apart from being aligned with our divine purpose and living from our heart, is mainly down to the health of our microbiome. These microbes are essential for the development and function of every organ and system in the body. 

Our microbial DNA is the operating system of the human body. The microbiome is the bacterial diversity living in our guts. When this is thriving our brain, our cells and our health is thriving, we are happy, focused energised and vibrant. When this is compromised and we have a leaky gut, we have a leaky brain, and as a result depression, IBS, Brain Fog, Fatigue, and many other symptoms impact our ability to create and live our highest potential is very difficult. 

Heavy metal toxicity, EMF radiation and Stress have a HUGE impact on our microbiome. EMF Radiation alone destroys our microbial diversity, therefore obliterating and taking down our operating system! Research here.

Brain Function, Our Vibration And Our Genius

The impact of EMF Radiation on our brain and nervous system has a huge ripple effect on our ability to focus, access our higher brain function and therefore raise our vibration and access higher states of consciousness. Our ability to live our genius is inextricably linked to our health - especially our brain health. As we heal and detox our brains we are able to access higher states of awareness. 

Dr Alberto Villoldo who is bridging the gap between Science and Shamanism speaks about the importance of detoxing our brain to access these higher states of consciousness and live our true divine calling in this life. 

Brain Research

Dr Joe Dispenza’s work is also supporting accessing these higher brain states for healing and accessing supernatural experiences. 

Dr Villoldo talks about our luminous energy field (Our bio-energy field) and how everything from our trauma to genetics to our ancestry is held within that field and that is what guides our lives. 

So it stands to reason that If this field is being obliterated by the EMF Radiation our ability to heal, ascend, and access our highest fullest potential is greatly compromised.

So What Do We Do About All This?

No 1. Turn Wifi OFF At Night

Firstly you MUST turn your WIFI OFF at night, so at least you are getting 8 hours without being radiated (If you live in apartments or close to other buildings you may still be affected by theirs) But at least you can switch the mini cell phone tower (AKA Wifi Router) OFF that you have in your house.

No 2. Put Your Phone On Airplane Mode

When you are not using your phone put it on airplane mode. Especially when you are carrying ti around in your pocket. And ALWAYS put it on Airplane mode when you sleep.

No 3. Make Sure Your Phone Is Away From Your Bed

Make sure you don’t plug your phone in to charge next to your bed. Make sure its at least 6 feet away and on Airplane mode when you are sleeping 

No 4. Never Put Your Phone To Your Ear

You are literally radiating your brain and killing brain cells every second you are using the phone against your head. Make sure you use headphones. Avoid using bluetooth headsets. 

No 5. Use Protection & Strengthen Your Energy Field 

5G Is coming, and the current EMF Radiation is already creating chronic illness. It is essential if we want to be healthy, happy and live our Genius in the world that we MUST take action to support our bodies and energy fields which are currently being obliterated. We have to use technologies that help create coherence in our bodies and protect us from these harmful and potential life threatening Radiations.