Technologies That Transform Your World

Transformational Technologies Invented By Nikola Tesla To Support Your Body And Brain To Be In Harmony Even Around 5G Frequencies Activating Your Bodies Natural Healing Capacity And Raising Your Vibration

What if you had in your hands a technology that bought you into perfect harmony with your environment despite the ever increasing cellphone towers and EMF/WIFI radiation. Even with the impending threat of 5G towers on every street, and global satellites beaming 24/7 radiation no matter where we go? 

Imagine if you had a technology that could support your body and brain to come into coherence, heal naturally and maintain your energy, brain function, clarity and wellbeing despite the chaotic and destructive frequencies that are around us. 

We all need technology in this evolving world, we just need to make sure we can live in harmony with it. Imagine being able to protect your babies and children’s brains, support them to be calmer and less overactive. As well as supporting ageing brains to remain alert focused and clear.

Nikola Tesla the inventor, knew that his inventions would be the most damaging thing to mankind. As a result he invented the antidote, Teslas Evolutionary Technologies are invented by Nikola Tesla himself to support our bodies to live in harmony with the chaotic destructive frequencies in todays technological world.

Modern technology emits EMF radiation everywhere we go, from cell phones to computers, WiFi routers, smart meters to phone towers. We are also being exposed to alternating current running through every appliance in our homes. These are all artificial chaotic waves that do not spin, which creates incoherance and wreaks havoc on our bodies. Science proves this leads to cancer and many chronic diseases.

"All disease is a lowering of frequency, an incoherent message" Dr Joe Dispenza
Tesla’s Evolutionary Technologies act like antennas just like pyramids, bringing in photon/tachyon energy (packets of light) into the body or the environment they are placed in. This brings everything back into coherence, to its natural state by neutralising the chaotic frequencies and creating a coherent field within our bodies and the environment they are in. When we are in a coherent state, all the systems of the body can communicate which activates our natural ability to heal, and create energy and vitality.

Our human bio-field is the field of quantum energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. This field holds the blueprint that creates our health and our experiences. It links directly to our meridian pathways and cellular activity in our bodies.

Our energy field is the super computer that allows the DNA of our cells to communicate and create coherence within the body. The heart field is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in the human body, producing the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field of any of the body’s organs. HeartMath research shows the power of this field.  When this is disrupted by EMF frequencies it has a huge knock on effect to every system in the body, which leads to symptoms and disease which science is now validating.

Who Was Nikola Tesla?

Nikola Tesla 1856-1943, was one of the worlds greatest scientist, he invented the electrical grids we use today. He invented Radio, fluorescent light, Microwave, remote control, x-ray, radar, rotary engines to name a few, and was known as the inventor of the 20th century. 

Nikola Tesla said that his invention of electricity would be the most damaging thing to the human body, and he was right! 

Because of this, he invented a technology to counteract its effects on the human body and energy field. He passed his findings on to a young physicist called Ralph Bergstresser who discovered how to alter the atomic structure of certain metals and crystalline materials, which he then developed a range of products that are now known as Teslas. These Teslas Technologies are a direct descendant from Nikola Tesla passed down via Ralph and we have collectively been in the development of this technology for 100 years.

How Does This Technology Work?

The Tesla's Plates are made of titanium as a carrier metal because it is a pure element, the crystalline structure is hexagonal, it’s non-allergenic and the molecular structure is similar to our bone structure.

Tesla's Evolutionary Technology is designed to balance the spin rates or as Nikola Tesla referred to as Oscillations. Everything has a relation to these spin rates: electrons, cells, organs, humans, Earth, Planets, Solar Systems, Galaxies. These spin rates determine the quality of life. 

Man made electromagnetic fields and EMF radiation disturb these oscillations due to the incoherent and chaotic frequencies and can have a major impact on your health.

During the proprietary manufacturing process the vibrational signature of the metal (Titanium) has been varied so that it acts as a transceiver of specific photons (packets of light/energy). It is pyramid technology and has the effect of strengthening the human energy field, thus helping to alleviate the bio-energy effects of EMF Radiation. The process educates the body to resist the harmful chaotic frequencies from modern technologies to enable us to live harmoniously with them.

So the technologies are working at a biological level on the body and energy field by creating a strong coherent natural energy field that allows the body to entrain to that and stops the chaotic frequencies affecting the body. The pendant amongst other plates works to support your brain waves to come into coherence creating more focus, restful sleep and calms your entire system into parasympathetic which then supports the bodies natural healing process. 

These products are not the same as the ‘Tesla purple plate’ they have gone through many iterations, metal changes and upgrades as the Schumann resonance (earths frequency) raised dramatically and the use of 5G was coming they had to be altered to support these radical shifts on the planet. 

That’s why being in nature has always been so restorative and healing for us as we ground our bodies and sync with the Earths natural Schumann frequency. Which was for a long time 7.8Hz. On January 31, 2017, for the first time in recorded history, the Schumann resonance reached frequencies of 36+ Hz. The impact on our bodies is huge, yet often we are unaware this is what is causing symptoms. 

So now these Tesla's Technologies allow our bodies and energy fields to be able to sync naturally with the Schumann resonance (the frequency of the Earth) as it continues to rise, thereby keeping us grounded as the cosmic effects continue to happen.


This photo taken of a person with a Lap-top computer on their lap. Aura is showing extreme stress.


This photo taken of the same person with a Lap-top after Tesla's computer plate has been fitted.


The client using mobile phone Aurix stress evident.


Using mobile phone with Phone Tag fitted. Notice blue calming energy and pink denotes love.

Some Of The Amazing Benefits Of Tesla's Technologies

  • Supports your immune system 
  • Calms ADD/ADHD in adults and children 
  • More clarity and a clearer sharper mind 
  • Strengthens your bodies bio-energy/auric field therefore impacting overall health and wellbeing 
  • Helps stop the effects of EMF radiation impacting your bodies and brains 
  • Activates the lower brain wave frequencies to support relaxed focus, concentration and creativity - therefore supporting your natural genius 
  • Constantly increases your vibration slowly, and helps you stay in sync with the Schumann resonance (Earth's frequency) 
  • Alters the frequencies from all geopathic stress, phone towers, underground ley lines, satellites and more, making them biologically compatible with your body 
  • Support plants and animals to thrive again by being in harmony with their environment 
  • Speeds the bodies healing process 
  • Brings light into the cells of your body - activating your natural detox and healing processes 
  • Helps to reduce bleeding, bruises, mild burns, pain and inflammation
  • Alters the chaotic transmission patterns from mobile phones, so they become biologically harmonious to the human body 
  • Supports practitioners clients to get into a deeper healing state 
  • Brings all electricity and appliances from chaotic into coherence creating a feeling of peace and stillness in your home, practice and office 
  • Removes all memory from water and returns it to its natural state like rain or mountain water

Welcome To Tesla's Evolutionary Technologies Range

Tesla's 5G House Kits

Support your family and feel at home in a Tesla bubble. The 5G House Kit was put together to assist you to cover your house, car, phones, water and your body with Tesla's technologies to return you and the environment to a feeling of ‘back to nature’.

To allow living harmoniously with frequency interference such as mobile phone towers, high voltage power lines, smart meters, radar, underground water and ley lines, electrical substations, transformers in the street, the list goes on… 

By investing in a complete kit we are able to offer a 20% discount on each of the kit items to encourage you to take care of your entire home and family’s bio-energy needs at the best investment possible. 

Electron Stabiliser
Pocket Plate
Phone Tags
Personal Pendant
5G Oyster Plate
Car Travel Plate