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STEP 1 : Choose If You Need A Kit For 1, 2 People Or A Family Or Individual Products

  • All Products Available Individually - Kits Receive Up To 20% Discount On Individual Prices
  • All House/Apartment Kits Contain: Pendant, Phone Tags, Pocket Plate, Travel Plate, 5G House Plate, Electron Stablizer, Water Kit. (X2 Pendants & Phone Tags When It Is For 2 People)
  • Elite 5G Large House And Business Kit For 2
  • 5G Large House Kit For 1 or 2
  • 5G Apartment Kit For 1 or 2
  • 5G Small House Kit For 1 or 2
  • 5G Essentials Kit For 1
  • Bare Essentials Kit For 1

STEP 2 : Decide On Which Products Or Kit Works Best For Your Needs

  • House Kit Or Apartment Kit: Difference Is In Water Kit: 1 Standard Kit For A House Or 2 Small Particles For An Apartment
  • 5G Large House Kits Have A Large House Plate Covering 30 Acres
  • 5G Small House Kits Have A Small House Plate Covering 1 Acre
  • 5G House/Apartment Kits For 1 Person Have Laptop/Tablet Tags Included
  • Elite Kits Have Large House Plates, Smart Meter Plate & Laptop Tags On Top Of All Contents Of House Kits
  • Business Elite Kit Also Has x2 Electron Stablizers

STEP 3 : Choose Which Pendant Shape And Colour You Want With Your Kit

  • Adult Pendants Available in 6 Shapes & Up to 24 Colour Designs
  • First Choose Which Shape Then Click Through To See All The Varieties Of Colours Available
  • Adult Round Pendants
  • Adult 14 Sided Pendant
  • Adult 10 Sided Pendant
  • Adult 8 Sided Pendant
  • Adult Oval Pendant
  • Adult Surfboard Pendants
  • Teen Child & Pet Pendants Also Available
  • Once You Choose Your Kit, During Checkout You Will Be Asked To Select Which Pendant/s You Want. You Can Also Add Any Other Products Like Children's Pendants To Your Shopping Cart Here Too
$2,775.00 USD
$2,150.00 USD
$1,140.00 USD
$297.00 USD
$0.50 USD
Available in 24 Colours And Designs
US $89
Available in 19 Colours And Designs
US $89
Available in 24 Colours And Designs
US $89
Available in 19 Colours And Designs
US $89
Available in 19 Colours And Designs
US $89
Available in 16 Colours And Designs
US $68


Tesla's Evolutionary Technologies are NOT claiming that the products cure any condition or illness. They support the bodies natural healing abilities by bringing light into the body and creating coherence.

Please take note that we are working closely with our supplier as shipping and supply chain issues arise due to the global slowdown on trade caused by the Covid-19 crisis. Whilst orders continue to be processed timeously, delivery turnaround times will take longer depending on where in the world you are based. We give you the guarantee that we are doing everything possible to get orders to you as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.