Freedom From The Dimension Of Time




So what occurred to me this morning was a thought about the whole 5th dimension thing which up till now has seemed a bit like just talk a mystical vision of something intangible. But what came to me was that when we break the hold time has on us and it takes a while to fully throw it off, we are able to float free and engage a new sense of space. We normally locate ourselves in space and time and this gives us identity for example I am in my chair writing this and it is 3:55 am, now when we break the concept of well I should really be asleep at this point otherwise I will be tired, we are free to just create whatever it is we want. 

I am in the position of having an immense amount to do all the time yet somehow it all gets done, I can give my attention to those that want it up to a point and I can still get around to posting here, managing supply chains all over the world and setting up groups in different countries to support people in this process.


There is no need to put anything down, one can literally do it all as long as you take away the sensation of rush and replace it with "I have all the time in the world to do everything I always wanted to do without the tyrant of time peering over my shoulder, slowly calcifying my joints and threatening me with any number of diseases which come with age."


The tyrant is dead, freedom is now ours and the immense relief that comes with it knowing that we never have to abandon our children or leave something unfinished we can literally live as long as we like now. Even saying this sounds a bit delusional but it feels right in my body and people just have to look at what Immortality is doing to their skin and wrinkles to verify that this is in fact a reality.

This is of course in addition to better mobility and greater will to live, even exercise is no longer a chore, it is a pleasure that we throw ourselves into and as a result become stronger every day. 
So returning to the 5th dimension debate if we look at space and time as two dimensions and our activities being governed by our relationship to these two vectors when we experientially break the hold that time has over us we automatically forge a new relationship with the other remaining dimensions.

Now my experience of space is definitely in this category as one becomes simultaneously more in space and yet less bound by it as we are not locating ourselves in any particular way beyond where we are physically at this moment. 
Where we are physically at this moment is just that, no time reference needs to come into it at all, as this often just causes us agitation as the thought will arrive of well if it is x time then I need to be doing something because I have to be somewhere by another time reference and this leads to the thoughts of rush as we do not want to be late for that event.  



But what if we had all the time in the world and the knowledge that everything will get done in this timeline in its own time, then we are free of time.


The massive relief we feel at this realization is quick simply astounding it is like falling into a warm pool which will support us without effort much like what one experiences in water.  For that moment we are free from the tyranny of gravity and so to with Immortal Code we become free from this binding force which is time and we allow ourselves to truly relax.
Off the clock forever.

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