Immortal Code And Fields




What is a field, well a field could be anything and we could also describe them as living folders that intersect. So for example we have the field or living folder of being a child, the field of being a teenager, the field of being a parent and the field of things like drinking alcohol or riding a bike.


Now each time we access these fields while taking Immortal Code we jump into them as entry points to memory and the whole field begins to play out.


This is why it is important to put ourselves in healthy and nourishing situations before we begin to tackle some of the gnarlier memory fields like disenchantment, isolation, rejection, poor self-worth or the range of other negative fields we have engaged in.

It is best to learn to ride a bike on a flat surface with no rocks on a sunny day as it increases our chance of actually succeeding rather than trying on a downhill dirt road in the rain. This conduct is something we can modify to ensure we have selective exposure to fields we know are going to trigger us to a greater degree.

Now the die-hard view on this is to just dive in to whatever, and after a while this is kind of what happens anyway but we can make this easier by riding around on safe territory, the territories of food, comfort, pets, friends and exercise before we tackle the downhill dirt road fields of old trauma related to people, some family interactions and old bad relationships.

These are just a few of the traumatic event fields from our past which we can engage in and could range from stuff as diverse as going back into bad working environments, revisiting traumatic places from our childhood or even injury memories brought on by certain smells or sensations from the past.

What is happening with Immortal Code is this process at high speed, but we can curate the experience of it a bit, get a comfy chair, some popcorn and a nice drink while we strap in for the ride and choose to watch films that are not going to plunge us back into trauma.



In a sense we become very sensitized to things so until we feel robust in the experience it is best to watch the fun and light movies as humanity has cooked up some pretty heavy content, but we only need to face it when we feel strong and ready for it, if at all and only then when we feel up to it.
An example of this for me is the field of scepticism from people about what I do. This field is linked to another field, let’s call it anger and another, defensiveness and another called self-doubt and self-worth.

Now when I find myself in the field of a sceptic trying to explain or justify myself I automatically go into to all of these fields. This stems back to a field called my father who has always looked at what I do with scepticism, scorn and general disparagement. He even called me a snake oil salesman at dinner in front of a whole lot of his friends once.

This went straight into the loss of face field and righteous fury field. Now when I enter the field of scepticism some of these trigger, not as bad obviously but when I pull the one thread some of the others light up as they are all linked together. So recently I had an experience with a sceptic I could not escape as it was at a social event and I am habituated to automatically defend what I love and as a result I started feeling quite down on myself for no apparent reason. Now when I traced it back this was the chain of interdependent origination that unveiled itself to me.

So now how to deal with all of this? Well one can make a resolution to oneself to avoid sceptics and their negativity until the point when they are begging me for Immortality at a higher price which is actually probably the best course of action or one can selectively enter into limited engagements with sceptics to win them over if one could be bothered of course. Or, one could just walk away as casting pearls before swine seldom yields useful results.

Now this is one of my own personal crosses to bear and in the carrying of it I can turn it into whatever I like as ultimately it might turn into one of my greatest strengths.



The last course of action, the one involving just walking away when this arises is probably the best option as not playing with something is possibly the best way to avoid its negative entangling effects and to break its hold on you.

Not to say that I am not happy to answer any genuine questions on what I do, but if people are coming from the point that I am a fake already and they just want to belittle me and trash something that I hold precious, wrong due to their own insecurity and meanness of spirit well there is really no need to engage with such folks.

So that is my thing and something that has come up a bit and the addressing of it sets in motion a chain of resolutions related to my own conduct that I can begin to enact.

Protocols as it were, for engagement to ensure the optimal result with the minimum of pain while still defusing the old memory.

Everyone will have their own set of fields with layers of interconnection, some might be related to drugs, family, relationships, abuse, self-worth the list is endless and they are often interconnected in strange ways so the pulling of one implies the triggering of others, kind of like dominoes, or a rippling carpet.

What can we do with all of this information, well firstly just be aware of it, secondly be gentle on oneself by choosing the flat rock- less road to start and thirdly, realize that one has all the time in the world and that one can engage this at whatever speed and in whatever time you want.


The Art of War by Sun Tzu, is very clear on engaging only when you are strong and retreating when you are weak in order to build strength. For some reason this whole process makes us super sensitive to environmental situations, good and bad.


So what I suggest is to surround yourself with people who love and support you and initially engage in those things that bring you joy so that when the more hardcore fields arise you are comfortable with your own navigation skills, and lighter on your feet so hopefully you just power through them when they arise as obstacles.



Sometimes these fields can be triggered by a word, a noise, a smell, a person or a place, so it is useful to ensure that we choose the battleground for the whole engagement, a place where we are strong. This is just good sense and good strategy.

Now not everyone will have this to a great extent, but everyone will experience it to some extent and our skill in navigating this will determine the joy with which we engage the whole experience. The smart thinking here is to choose the field of battle in our full strength, with well-trained troops on the upper slope fully reinforced, and then any difficult situations will just be swept away.

Sooner or later my father will hear of Immortal Code from someone whose opinion he trusts and they will be raving about its amazing properties and me as its creator and then on my field of battle he will come to me asking for a bottle. This for me is the right way to conduct myself for maximal elegance and enjoyment. I will of course then give him one with the greatest pleasure and a wry smile. 

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