Immortal Code And Your Karmic Debt To Yourself




People often talk of karma as this thing that will happen to you as a result of your dealings with others and this is true, but what Immortal Code does is somewhat different.


Immortal Code is literally paying your karma debt to yourself by going back to a lot of your old physical emotional and mental damage you have inflicted on yourself directly or indirectly.


This is why there is often a lot of old pain that arises in the body while taking Immortal Codes, as the body starts clearing itself of its own memory of old aches, pains and injuries, so we get to feel them one more time to remember what we did to get them in the first place.  

This has two functions, firstly to remind us of what we did to hopefully guide us into saner action in the future and secondly to physically clear the cells memory of that injury which is being held in different locations in the body.  

Now to break down exactly what is happening here is impossible as we are dealing with the body’s own intelligence and its ability to regenerate.   The former we know to some extent but regeneration we only know from wound healing and accident recovery, but nowhere near the scale of what is happening when we take immortality.  

We can however observe what is going on and come to some conclusions about what will be dealt with first.  Samuel Hahnemann the founder of homeopathy said that cure is governed by three vectors.  These are not in any particular order and often happen simultaneously like three vectors that all exist, imagine 3 axes x, y and z that interweave with each other according to the bodies own hierarchy of importance.  

1. Healing will proceed from most important organ to least important organ.   So, for the body this will be the mind first, then heart, liver, lungs kidneys, reproductive system, bones, joints, then skin last.   People often debate this order but what would you rather have insanity or a rash. 

2. From most recent to least recent.   So, the stuff that has occurred the most recently will be dealt with before stuff from longer ago.  We see this in the roll back of the physical symptoms most acutely in the immortality process.   An example of this is that a bald spot on top of my head which happened more recently than the thinning at the sides is beginning to regrow before the older thinning on the sides.

3. Healing occurs from the top down, so the skin on the face will get softer first and the skin on the feet will be last.  I have personally watched this in myself as the process proceeds down my body as the weeks pass, and now after a month what started as healthier and softer skin on my face is now at my calves.    



So how these three axes intersect and which the body prioritizes first is hard to anticipate but I have definitely seen this pattern occurring and that is why peoples mental space is often one of the first things to shift in the immortality process, people all of a sudden become cheerful playful and hopeful.


We must remember with this process that there is no way around this stuff unless it is to soften its effects but we still need to go through the recall of it all.


This is the price of immortality that you have to pay to yourself, this is what is being asked of you for eternal life in a nutshell.   But even this price is ridiculously cheap as a payment to self, to go through some discomfort in order to return to childhood energy, cellular integrity and enthusiasm is actually a trifle.  One month of joy and discomfort to return you to a space where you were twenty years ago is so minor a price to be paid, and a lot of it is just plain fun new discovery and excitement.

A lot of people who have cleared a lot of stuff from their body or looked after it well will have an easier time of it but then they possibly have a lesser karmic debt to themselves as a result of being faithful guardians of their own vehicles. 

Those who have abused their body a bit more might have a bit of a tougher time of it but persist and abide, grit your teeth and power on through as the rewards on the other side are quite simply beyond belief.

Also realize that this is your healing time and, in this time, you do what your body wants to do, eat when you are hungry without judgement, sleep when you are tired drink when you are thirsty take a two-hour bath if that is what feels right or just lounge on the couch with the cats if that is what is arising for you. 

Take a holiday from your own judgement of yourself for a month and just let the body heal and do its thing whatever that might be. 



This is the fastest and easiest way through, get whatever therapies you normally get to strengthen the body, nourish the nervous system and just allow yourself this time of a month or two to indulge whatever the body feels like.

Personally, now my body now just loves exercise, any format any time anywhere and the pleasure in feeling the body growing stronger and feeling healthier with itself is just pure enjoyment.


Pay your own karmic debt to yourself by going through your own physical mental and emotional memories and remember the word karma just means action that is all, nothing more nothing less.


After that well immortality is ours if we just run this process every 10 years or so and we find the right age range to yo yo back and forth between.

Personally, I feel I will keep this process playing from 25 to 40 for a few hundred years as that feels right to me for now.

To even talk about this stuff seems a bit crazy I know but it is the new land we are bursting upon so it is necessary to begin the exploration of the territory so we are better prepared for the long-term implications of immortality, which is a whole book in itself but we proceed as always one day at time.

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