Immortality And Time




When we begin taking Immortal Codes our perception of time changes.  This is both a beautiful experience and a slightly disturbing one as we locate ourselves in time. On the one hand we feel elated and free of the tyranny of time, and the relentless marching to old age, decrepitude and death.  On the other hand, we feel slightly dislocated, as we are so used to having time as this clock against which everything is referenced and measured.  

Every day we interact with time: being on time, birthdays, being late, going to bed at a certain time so we are not tired the next day, and waking up at a certain time.  Most of our interactions are governed by time as well, a movie lasts a certain amount of time and we feel that our movie on this planet is, if we are lucky, destined to last 80 or perhaps more years if disease does not claim us first.

What happens when we take Immortal Code is that we feel we are travelling back in time to an earlier version of ourselves. A time when we were vital and alive, and a time where aches and pains did not really exist. We watch our skin get softer, our pores get tighter and even our hair begin to grow again, so we cannot deny the process.  


Once we come to terms with this rather extraordinary state, we begin to accept that we are actually growing younger and we begin to grapple with the implications.   


What to do if we can live for a thousand years, but more importantly we realise that our perception of space is intimately connected to our experience of time and so we begin to see things differently. Just the cellular feeling of not ageing and becoming younger puts us in a very different physical space and we realise that with the breaking of times’ hold on us, our ability to move around and relate more intimately to space increases as well.   

This is hard to explain from the outside but once you begin to take Immortal Codes you will see what I am talking about. A lot of the people who take Immortal Code initially report a greater wonder at the beauty of nature and a greater feeling of connectedness to the world and others as they became more vital and thus had a different experience with people.



People often talk of the space time continuum and up until now this has just been something to speculate on as we are all bound in this. But now we no longer have to read the 500 page manual on what apples taste like, we can just take a bite of one and comment on it from an insiders perspective. 


Sometimes it even feels like one can walk through to different dimensions now that we are not bound by time, and as such, have a different relationship with space - a relationship where we are an active user in the experience and not just the end product of the experience.


If you imagine yourself as a car driving towards the end of your life, what the Immortal Jellyfish does for us is it causes us to turn the vehicle around and start heading back the other way. The journey still continues, but we continue it from an earlier version of our self without losing any of the wisdom of age.  

"Age is no longer wasted on the youth", to update Oscar Wild’s dictum, and yes we can have our cake and eat it too, as what else is the point of having cake anyway. 

This is truly a new beginning, a second chance, and a third chance and a fourth and a fifth. Or a hundred if we want to truly turn our life and its expression into a work of grand beauty where we benefit those around us, bring love to the world and live a happy, creative and productive life for hundreds of years.

The relationship between time and space is still to be explored. But to explore it as insider means we have an insider’s perspective on it, and we have the exuberance of youth plus the wisdom of time to explore it at our own pleasure.



A lot of what drives us is fear of death. One this is taken away it allows us to be far more expansive and just relax into the experience of living as we have many more experiences to have, and now we can climb every mountain range in the world if we want, or learn a dozen languages. 


This, I believe, will make us better people as we do not have to rush to do something here and now, we can take our time as it is truly our time, and build something massive.  


We can then know that if we are planting a tree today, we will see it grow up and even grow old. This allows us to step into the custodianship of this earth in more earnest as we will be around to see the results of our actions, both good and bad, and this will make us more mindful of our actions.   

A lot of people carry the feeling they are going to die and adapt a jaded view of ‘who cares what they do’ as they will not be around to see the consequences anyway. But this changes all of this.
When we take Immortal Code there are sometimes moments of ‘where am I’ or ‘what time is it even’ given that time goes more quickly or slowly in our new relationship with it. But this is just refining the new relationship with time as an equal and not as a servant to it.  The sense of spatial dislocation is directly linked to the changing perception of time as mostly, we locate ourselves in space by referencing time. 

‘I am in my house, and it is 8pm at night’, allows us to grasp what needs to happen next. But if we delete the time component - as it normally has a lot of bearing on us - it allows us more freedom with the space. After all it is just space, and what we do in it is entirely driven by our mood at that moment without consideration for when things need to happen within that time space continuum. 

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