Frequently Asked Questions

Genius Code Frequencies FAQs

How quick do remedies start to work?

Remedies can begin to work immediately and a lot of people notice an effect after the first day although some only notice effects after a week. Generally people will notice effects in the first week.

What are the first positive signs the remedies are working?

Often the first effects of the remedies working are increased energy, greater mental clarity, more exuberance, more enthusiasm, faster recovery after exercise and healing of wounds, greater inclination and capacity to exercise, softer skin and improved circulation. 

How many drops should I take?

Double dosing is not recommended except on the first day to get the process going, after this single doses of 7 drops daily are recommended preferably in the morning for Immortal Code, Creation Code and Divinity Code as they can be a bit stimulating and in the evening for Vision Code and Liberation Code. If the process is too intense at times only dosing every second day can be helpful. Also reducing the dose to what works for you, as the remedies start bringing up emotional patterns as they clearing cellular memory.  5, 4 or even 2 drops some days if it's a little intense.

How long do I need to take it for? How many bottles should I purchase to get the results that are possible?

5 bottles or more are recommended for the fullness of the experience of Immortal Code although results will begin to show in the first bottle and continue to improve during the second and third.  A full course can be 3 months or even more if people are over 50 as there is more history to work through.  There is no limit to how many bottles you can take, it just depends on how far back you want to go and how young you want to become. Normally after 5-6 bottles of Immortal Code l its effects become less noticeable as the body gets used to its message therefore there are Immortal Code ll and Immortal Code lll -  the 2nd and 3rd phases of the regeneration.

Can anyone take it at any age, such as children?

We recommend that nobody under the age of 18 take Immortal Code as they are still developing.

Can you use it on the skin and if so what’s the best way? And can it be used on children's wounds?

Immortal Code can be used on the skin by placing a drop or two on the wound but it is only recommended for children's wounds in cases of emergency.

Is it best to take it in the morning or at night, one dose or split it?

It is definitely best to take Immortal Code in the morning as it can be quite stimulating as well as Creation Code and Divinity Code. Liberation Code and Vision Code are recommended at night. Coherence Code can be taken when needed. Splitting doses is not recommended.

Is it safe for animals and would they take the same dosage and same way as humans?

The remedies are completely safe for animals and people have reported all sorts of beneficial effects from dosing their pets.   Single drops of Immortal Code in the pet's mouth directly are recommended.

Can I share a bottle with my partner or is 1 bottle for 1 person?

You can share a bottle with your partner but really each person needs their own bottle or bottles as it is a process that we run back through our own timeline. 

Has it been approved or trademarked?

The remedies are vibrational essences and as such has not been approved by the FDA yet and, it is the intellectual property of Liberation and Redemption Pty Ltd but has not been trademarked yet.

How does the homeopathic/alchemical process work, what are the ingredients?

Immortal Code is made from the immortal jellyfish (Turritopsis Dornii)  and the message of its returning to an earlier version of itself has been captured in distilled water.  Immortal Code has captured the cellular message of regeneration and this memory has been amplified so that we are able to receive this communication to return to an earlier state of being.  The exact process is the intellectual property of Liberation and Redemption PTY LTD but involves the folding of the memory of the message onto itself to create a much more powerful communication to our cells so that we too may experience the blessings of immortality.

Is it vegan - is there jellyfish DNA in this product?

All remedies are vegan in the truest meaning of the word as no jellyfish or other animals were harmed in the process of the making of this. We did extract the message it communicated to itself while it was in the process of becoming young again.  It would be like if we could gather a tiny drop of serotonin felt by someone who fell in love and then used this to make a remedy.

Are Jellyfish harmed in this process?

The process of making Immortal Code remedy did not harm the jellyfish as it just stimulated it to return to its polyp state from where it would proceed to sexual maturity. They were then released back into the ocean.  This process would have occurred naturally over the course of time if it had been injured or if it had gotten old. This process is part of its natural life cycle of endless regeneration.

How is Immortal Code different to other stem cell supplements on the market?

It is similar in that it returns us to a state where we can produce undifferentiated stem cells which can then be used to repair pretty much any structure in our body but it is different in that we are not putting our own stem cells back into ourselves.

The mechanism of this process is to send a message to return us to an earlier and younger version of ourselves and at this point our ability to generate new stem cells increases exponentially as we are at a time biochemically where we would naturally produce an abundance of our own natural  undifferentiated stem cells which we can then use for anything.

What challenges might there be with this process?

The process pushes us back through cellular memory on the way to a younger version of ourself so we might have some memory flashes and emotional recall from the past. Also, we might have some old physical memories and aches and pains returning temporarily as they leave the body. 

This is just part of the process of clearing the cellular memory of debris so that a new healthy imprint of health can flourish.  It is much like taking out the trash or weeding a garden. There is going to be a bit of debris in the process but once done we have a field that is ready to be planted. 

This process has some similarity to detoxification protocols but we are also detoxing old emotions so quite literally anything may come up but it will all be your old uncleared memory and physical debris.   This process will be very personal but by the second bottle, you will generally be feeling fantastic if not on the first although a lot of people felt great right from the start.

We recommend taking other remedies available in Journey sets to support you through the process.

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects per say but there are effects and these indirect effects are part of the detoxification of memory and may include brain fog, tiredness, hunger, thirst and poor concentration as well as temporary aches and pains. 

These effects are not produced by the remedies they are a by-product of the bodies need to eat, sleep, rest and generally repair itself.  The effects produced by Immortal Code could be seen as being in the same category as sweating after running, a direct effect of the body trying to cool itself.

What are the contraindications?

The remedies are contraindicated in pregnancy and breastfeeding and of course for anyone under 18 years of age.  It should only be taken with the permission of a physician if on psychiatric medications.  Other chronic medications should be monitored by a qualified medical practitioner as well during the process of taking Immortal Code as they may need to be reduced as health improves.

Can I use Immortal Code before, during or after fasting? And how about intermittent fasting?

Immortal Code should not be taken after fasting as the body needs to re-establish its balance before the process of Immortal Code is begun.   Intermittent fasting is fine and is often useful as we are presenting less for the body to deal with.  It is best not to take Immortal Code on a long fast as the interactions are inconceivable and often the body craves food to rebuild cells.

What is the Creator's background and credentials and experience/practice?

The creator has been a  homoeopathic doctor dealing with patients from all over the world for 20 years and has been experimenting with the amplification of natural ingredients for the last ten years.

Who is a good candidate for the remedies?

Anyone over the age of 18 who does not want to suffer the tyranny and indignity of old age and death. Anyone who wants to look and feel younger and be more vital,  have increased libido and have more energy in every moment.   Anyone suffering from long term degenerative illnesses.   In short, anyone who wants to feel and look younger and transform their lives.

How can immortality be real?

The jellyfish is able to regenerate itself endlessly with this process and there is no reason that we cannot also. The message that has been captured from the jellyfish applies to all life and  we have even seen old pets suddenly become playful  and more youthful again in very short periods of time.

Are there case studies?

There has been a two and a half month 50 person clinical trial of Immortal Code and there are extensive testimonials and records from this as to its beneficial effects.

The long term effects of Immortal Code are still to be seen but we know from history what happens to us if we do not take it.  Thus far everyone taking Immortal Code has reported sensations of softer skin, tightening up of the face, diminished wrinkles, better recovery from injury time, better circulation, faster hair growth, better skin, increased energy, better joint functionality and repair, heightened libido, more enthusiasm for life the list goes on and on and people are going from strength to strength. 

Is the remedies within our mythology?

There are many legends in most religious and mythological texts of immortals, from the Chinese immortals to western tales of immortals and long lived peoples in biblical texts.  If you dig into any mythology there are tales of either very long lived people or actual immortals.

Shipping Info and can I purchase from my own country?

Yes there are a number of hubs, including the USA, UK, Australia, and South Africa and it can be sent from any of these countries to other countries not on the list. We ship from the UK to Europe.

Shipping times will vary from country to country but generally its within 5 business days for local, international can be 10-14 days, depending on the impact of Corona on shipping times. 

Is there a refund policy if it doesn't work?

Thus far no one has complained of it not working and it is still working even if you are not perceiving it and you should just examine all aspects of your life to see where it has improved things.   If after the second bottle you are still not satisfied that it has not done something we are happy to refund your money as long as you return the bottles to the original supplier at your own expense.

Tesla's Evolutionary Technologies FAQs

How do the products help me?

The products have many benefits which are listed on the pages. Here is a recap of some:

  • Supports your immune system 
  • Calms ADD/ADHD in adults and children 
  • More clarity and a clearer sharper mind 
  • Strengthens your bodies bio-energy/auric field therefore impacting overall health and wellbeing 
  • Helps stop the effects of emf radiation impacting your bodies and brains 
  • Activates the lower brain wave frequencies to support relaxed focus, concentration and creativity - therefore supporting your natural genius 
  • Constantly increases your vibration slowly, and helps you stay in sync with the schuuman resonance (earths frequency) 
  • Alters the frequencies from all geopathic stress, phone towers, underground ley lines, satellites and more, making them biologically compatible with your body 
  • Support plants and animals to thrive again by being in harmony with their environment 
  • Speeds the bodies healing process 
  • Brings light into the cells of your body - activating your natural detox and healing processes 
  • Helps to reduce bleeding, bruises, mild burns, pain and inflammation Improves quality of your water 
  • Alters the chaotic transmission patterns from mobile phones, so they become biologically harmonious to the human body 
  • Supports practitioners clients to get into a deeper healing state 
  • Brings all electricity and appliances from chaotic into coherence creating a feeling of peace and stillness in your home, practice and office 
  • Removes all memory from water and returns it to its natural state like rain or mountain water

What are the plates made of and how do they work?

  • Teslas Technologies last a life time, they don't need renewing at any point.
  • The Tesla's plates are made of titanium as a carrier metal because it is a pure element, the crystalline structure is hexagonal, it’s non-allergenic and the molecular structure is similar to our bone structure.
    • Tesla's Evolutionary Technology is designed to balance the spin rates or as Nikola Tesla referred to as Oscillations. Everything has a relation to these spin rates: electrons, cells, organs, humans, Earth, Planets, Solar Systems, Galaxies. These spin rates determine the quality of life. 
    • Man made electromagnetic fields and EMF radiation disturb these oscillations due to the incoherent and chaotic frequencies and can have a major impact on your health.
    • During the proprietary manufacturing process the vibrational signature of the metal (Titanium) has been varied so that it acts as a transceiver of specific photons (packets of light/energy). It is pyramid technology and has the effect of strengthening the human energy field, thus helping to alleviate the bio-energy effects of EMF Radiation. The process educates the body to resist the harmful chaotic frequencies from modern technologies to enable us to live harmoniously with them.
    • So the technologies are working at a biological level on the body and energy field by creating a strong coherent natural energy field that allows the body to entrain to that and stops the chaotic frequencies affecting the body. The pendant amongst other plates works to support your brain waves to come into coherence creating more focus, restful sleep and calms your entire system into parasympathetic which then supports the bodies natural healing process. 
    • These products are not the same as the ‘Tesla purple plates’ they have gone through many iterations, metal changes and upgrades as the Schumann resonance (earths frequency) raised dramatically and the use of 5G was coming they had to be altered to support these radical shifts on the planet. 
    • That’s why being in nature has always been so restorative and healing for us as we ground our bodies and sync with the Earths natural Schumann frequency. Which was for a long time 7.8Hz. On January 31, 2017, for the first time in recorded history, the Schumann resonance reached frequencies of 36+ Hz. The impact on our bodies is huge, yet often we are unaware this is what is causing symptoms. 
    • So now these Tesla's technologies allow our bodies and energy fields to be able to sync naturally with the Schumann resonance (the earths frequency) as it continues to rise, thereby keeping us grounded as the cosmic effects continue to happen.

    Do we all need more than one kit in a household or can we share products?

    • Everyone needs their own pendant as they sync with your own energy matrix and cant. be worn by anyone else.
    •  The electron stabliser and water kits work for the entire house/building so only one is needed.. 
    • The 5G House Plate will cover an acre of land so only one is needed. In terms of the phone tags obviously they are needed for each person who uses a phone. 
    • The travel plate will work in the car for everyone thats in the car. 
    • Pocket plates people generally carry around with them, so its ideal for everyone in the home to have one to use whilst at home and when out and about to support them to be able to handle all the other frequencies from phone towers to other peoples phones and wifi. 

    Do I wear my pendant all the time, like in the shower or bath?

    Yes, when you first receive your pendant you must keep it for for at least 24 hours without taking it off so it syncs with your bodies energy matrix. Even after that there is no need to take it off. It is perfectly ok in the ocean, swimming pool, bath and shower. 

    How do Teslas Evolutionary Products compare to other products on the market?

    We chose not to compare Teslas Technologies directly to any other products on the market. Many other products claim to block or protect you from EMF frequencies, in some cases thats not quite what happens, as blocking these frequencies is almost impossible to do, they go through walls after all. 

    Many other products may benefit you in reducing the effects of EMF's to a certain degree. Teslas works very differently to most ‘EMF protection devices’. Teslas works in multidimensional ways, and has many more uses other than EMF/ 5G support. One of the ways it works with EMF/5G is by neutralising the effects of EMF frequencies, which allows your body to come into harmony and coherence even when in an area of Wifi/EMF/5G. Its creating coherent energy which allows your body and brain to no longer be radiated and harmed by the frequencies. 

    All other products only work above ground, whereas Teslas technologies penetrates the earth and therefore works under the ground which allows them to neutralise the destructive effects of Geopathic stress which is linked to cancer, miscarriages, ADHD and many other chronic conditions. The experience farmers have when using these technologies is astounding as it supports the growth of their crops, and you will see the testimonial of the farm where cattle where dying and people were getting sick until the Tesla technologies were introduced onto the land, this shows the power of how it penetrates the earth.

    There are many other benefits these products give beyond EMF support that other products don’t offer as they are just purely for EMF support. 

    Nikola Tesla knew that electricity and his inventions would be destructive to the human energy field and the body, which is why he developed these technologies. Due to his fascination with Pyramids and Pyramid energy these technologies use a similar energy called Taychon energy - which means that these plates emit photons of light. Whenever we bring light into our body - it detoxes, and supports the bodies natural healing processes as well as increases our vibration and supports our evolution.

    They also support the nervous system to go into parasympathetic which supports the body to heal, it brings the brain waves into a coherent state allows for a more relaxed focus which support our creativity, studying and getting things done.

    Meditating with these technologies also allows for deeper and more peaceful meditation for some.

    For those who a very sensitive to energy they will feel these technologies working almost instantly on their bodies. Those on a spiritual journey may also connect to a higher dimension when working with these technologies. 

    So as you can see its hard to compare something thats very unique. Even testing with current science is not easy as these are ancient technologies just like the pyramids, which science cannot quantify. 

    The real testimony of these technologies is the impact they are having in peoples lives. Many people feel drawn to use and work with these technologies, there is an energy they hold that people feel and are drawn too. It’s not all logical and practical, even though we are doing our best to get testing done for some of those elements too. 

    Some people just know they need to have these technologies and those who often follow that, they change their life. 

    If I can’t afford a full kit what is the most essential item to buy first?

    The more products you have obviously the more the surrounding EMF's and Geopathic stress will be neutralised to support your body and brain to come back into coherence and health. Working your way to having the complete 5G House Kit is ideal to support you fully. 

    If thats not possible, the next set down the 5G Essentials Kit, then if thats not possible the Bare Essentials Kit.

    If you can only get one thing - it would be the Pendant, next it would be the phone tags if you use your phone a lot daily. 

    Getting the 5G House plate and Electron Stabliser will make a massive difference within your home to neutralise the EMF and Geopathic stress so they would be next.

    The Travel Plate is also a powerful plate for neutralising 5G/EMF in a small home apartment if the 5G plate is out of budget.

    Where do my items ship from and how long will they take?

    Our factory is in Australia so items will be shipped from there. So depending on where you are in the world will depend on shipping rates and times. 

    Please take note that we are working closely with our supplier as shipping and supply chain issues arise due to the global slowdown on trade caused by the Covid-19 crisis. Whilst orders continue to be processed timeously, delivery turnaround times will take longer depending on where in the world you are based and the flights available. We give you the guarantee that we are doing everything we can to get orders to you as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

    Can I do a payment plan, i.e pay monthly for a kit

    Currently payment plans are not possible at this time. The best thing to do is order what you can and build up your kits as and when its possible for you.

    There will be an opportunity in the future to share the products with others and earn commissions, that could help you to purchase more of the products you would love, we will let you know when this opportunity launches, in the meantime start with what you can.

    Eco awareness - product packaging?

    All the plates come in a little material pouch. As little packaging is used as possible when shipping.

    Import tax and duty for various countries/duty categories?

    This is something we are continuing to look into and will give you more clarity as we go forward for specific countries. So far there has been NO issues with the many customers who have ordered so far. But for clarity and transparency we are looking into the different country regulations and will let you know an update when we have more information. 

    Shipping times?

    This is changing often as more flights are becoming available and countries are slowly opening up. It is estimated international shipping up to 3.5 weeks so far, this is improving as the weeks go by. We are currently awaiting more information from Australia post for specific countries and will inform you as soon as we know. The factory is shipping out as normal so the supply chain is still going, customers just need to be a little patient as this is something out of our hands and we are doing the best we can to get parcels to people as soon as humanly possible. 

    Business Opportunity FAQs

    Can I offer a discount to friends and family as an ambassador?

    You can either order and have it delivered to you and then pass it on to them at the cost you choose and sort out delivery. Or you can get them to sign up an an Ambassador and order at discount to get it posted directly from the factory to them. 

    Will I be supported in learning about the products/ opportunity and sharing it with others?

    Yes, the website is a great resource and has lot of information about the technologies. Your members area has specific training just for you to support you to have a greater understanding the products.

    We are continually adding more resources for you to share both the products and the opportunities. Regular webinars will be hosted that you can invite people too. As well as webinars for your own training and development as well.

    What is the cancellation policies for ambassadors?

    You can cancel at any time, any team members will be passed to your upline. More info In terms when you sign up as an Ambassador or Founder Member you will receive T&c's to cover everything.

    Other languages and how you will manage that?

    This is something we will look into and make sure we cover all angles to maintain the integrity of the products, the company and the ambassadors before we start translating to other languages. 

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    Thank you for your interest in Turned On Evolution and we look forward to connecting with you soon.