Our conditioning, ancestral lineage, past experiences, stress and traumas become the unconscious coding we hold within us. This coding sets our frequency, activates and creates our state, which can dictate our story, actions and behaviours. This is the message we then radiate to the world (mostly unconsciously) and it’s what we therefore manifest into our reality. This is what keeps us separate from the life we truly desire, from the gifts we are here to share, the abundance that is our birthright, and from the true divine path we came into this world to live.  

The Genius Code Frequencies support decoding our conditioning, unlocking our true divine blueprint, so we can come into alignment with our true nature, as our Genius is activated and we remember who we are and why we are here. 

The Genius Code Frequencies Facilitate The Transformation Process

  • Decoding your imprinting
  • Clearing cellular memory
  • Unwinding trauma
  • Processing unhealed, unfinished experiences
  • Regulating your nervous system
  • Bringing you into a coherent state
  • Increasing your energy, focus and flow
  • Realigning you to your divine blueprint 
  • Activating your creative power and natural Genius

Aligning And Activating Your Divine Blueprint

As a result of clearing unresolved stagnant energy blocks and trauma, rewiring and recalibrating your nervous system, coming into alignment with your true nature and divine blueprint, your body comes into a coherent state of flow and connection and dis-ease becomes ease. The body starts returning to its youthful state of health and vitality. Creative inspiration starts to flow, your expression opens, your light starts to shine and you start to embody your genius.

The Genius Code Frequencies work as a team to support you through the journey of transformation. They work in synergy with each other, each holding their own unique code that facilities the journey to rebirthing you into the fullest expression of your divine nature.  Supporting the regulation of your nervous system which is essential in both healing and transformation. They support your mood and energy, your focus and creative expression, bringing you into alignment whilst activating new stem cells and regenerating you at a cellular level. Transformation is an uncomfortable process which is why many don’t go there and often stay stuck in their patterns. The Genius Code Frequencies hold you through the transformational process in a way that makes it a little less uncomfortable, and unlocks areas we cannot access in many other ways, it puts the power back in your hands.  

Immortal Code I, II or III, Divinity Code, Liberation Code, Creation Code, Coherance Code Together Create The Journey

Liberating You From Your Past

Your conditioning, ancestral lineage, past experiences, stress and traumas become the unconscious coding you hold within you. As you live your life and carry all this stagnant unresolved unhealed energy, it drains your life force, puts your nervous system into a state of either Auto-pilot overdrive or takes you into lockdown.

Liberation Code uncouples the memories stored in your body from the emotions that keep them locked there. This gives you the ability to finally put things to rest, often things long forgotten by the conscious mind but buried deep in the body's memory and frozen in time which fragments you. Liberation code is able to go back to those frozen states and put them into motion. This allows them to come to completion through dreams or waking situations and allows them to fall away as they have literally been experienced in your body, not just as an idea. This starts to bring you back home to yourself and reclaim the parts of you that have been stuck in the past.

This leaves you stronger and more grounded as the energy that was being used to hold those memories, and the energy of the memories themselves is now free for you to use to heal, evolve and create a new reality.  This translates into greater focus, less energy loss, better sleep and greater openness. When your focus is not being spent on running old patterns which have now been integrated into the body, you are able to bring all your energy to your true path and creative expression.  It also means that you do not spend your time dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, instead you reclaim your power so you can all be who you were born to be, liberated and free as you create your destiny. Ingredients: frequencies of Shungite, Panch Agni, Royal Jelly, The Rasashastric Navaratna, Light Of Jupiter, Protea Flower Essence, & Reishi.

Aligning You With Your Divine Blueprint

Divinity Code brings you into alignment with your divine blueprint which holds the codes for perfect health, your natural abilities fully expressed and your divine purpose embodied. This allows the activation of your Genius nature and creative expression to manifest themselves effortlessly into the world. Your connection to the natural world, to higher levels of consciousness creates a deep connection to your own essence and the essence of life, allowing you to remember who you are and why you are here. 

Divinity Code is created from the sacred geometry of The Golden Spiral or golden mean, also connected to the Fibonacci sequence, which is the perfect ratio in nature, it is the ratio of pi and is seen in everything from galaxies, architecture, music, art, the formation of the baby in the womb, sea shells, pine cones, sunflowers, boney bees, hurricanes, as well as the bones of your ear. 

Being out of alignment on a physical, mental emotional or spiritual level has a ripple effect in every area of your life, from your relationships to your finances, your business to your creative expression. Divinity Code brings the imprint and message of the golden spiral into your body and energy field. As you receive this code you come into alignment with the golden mean, therefore your perfect alignment with yourself and your divine blueprint just manifests effortlessly.  It supports your physical body posture, a sense of your inner masculine and feminine, left and right sides of your body and brain all realigning and returning to oneness.  

It naturally engages a healing force as the code reminds your DNA of its divine nature and brings everything back into a perfect state of balance and alignment as the fragmented parts of you return and realign back to your divine blueprint before dis-ease and trauma were present. You start to relax around time, knowing that everything will get done in divine timing, as it does in nature, and you enter the flow state,  creating and manifesting with ease. Ingredient: frequency of the Golden Spiral.

Radical Regeneration & Rebirth

The Immortal Codes work on many levels as they activate your mythology, your heroes journey, a transformational portal that has the capacity to rebirth you into your Genius nature. Made from the frequency of the Immortal jellyfish which has the ability to completely regenerate its structure when it gets old or injured, activating undifferentiated stem cells that can then be used to regenerate any part of its structure, returning it to a healthy version of itself prior to injury or disease. This miracle of nature has been captured in a form our bodies can understand. (No Jellyfish were harmed)

Immortality, the code of living forever is remembered within your cells, this miracle of nature captured in as a code your bodies can understand, awakening your superhuman capacities, as your body regenerates and returns to an earlier healthier version of itself, and your immortal self awakens.  

Immortal codes increase blood flow and circulation, activate new kidney qi, and as a result of this new code being received by your body transformation happens. Clearing of cellular memory, old injuries come up and leave, skin is softer, energy is increased, clearer mind, clearer body, and therefore more of you is available to create in the world. 

Immortal Code I is the first phase for the first 4 to 5 months until you no longer feel the effects as the body gets used to the message, at this point you move to Immortal Code II, which is an applied version to change the message that allows your body to continue the journey deeper into transformation and healing. Again after 4 or 5 bottles (or whatever is true for you), you move to phase 3 and Immortal Code III which is a deeply potent and more amplified version integrated with the Divinity Code to create more aligned deeper profound transformation. These 3 phases have been created to take your through a very deep healing journey, which at times can be uncomfortable as cellular memory is being cleared, old pains, emotions can be triggered on their way out, as the body is regenerating at a very deep level,  to support this process the other Genius Code Frequencies are there to hold you through the process of transformation. 

Recalibrate - Connect - Create

The feeling of being attached to nothing, yet connected to everything, is the energy the Creation Code brings into your world.

Recalibrating your nervous system, Creation Code allows you to feel safer in your body, supports your nervous system to be in a powerful state of relaxed focus, allowing you to be more fully engaged with each moment, creating a safer container for your creativity and true nature to express itself. 

No side effects of stimulants, just fully embodied innocence, confident and engaged with each moment. The knowing that problems and difficulties can slide off you as you embody a deeper presence with life and become less reactive, therefore more creative and open yourself up to effortless manifestation. Creation Code helps you navigate the uncomfortable path of transformation, and the challenging times as it supports you when you are triggered into an overstimulated, distracted or locked down state, and brings you back into your body, into a grounded, calm focused and creative state.

As the Creation Code is received by your body, It unlocks the seeds of inspiration and supports your natural creative Genius to be unleashed and expressed in the world. It is retraining your neural pathways to happiness, joy and abundance, as it drops you into a state of presence and flow and you create powerful end results in your life with a sense of ease and grace.  

Ingredients, frequencies of: Royal Jelly, The Pollen From A Thousand South African Wildflowers, Pine Pollen, The Light of Jupiter, Reishi Mushroom, Protea Nectar, Orchid Flower, The Dhanvantari Mantra.

Restore - Relax - Reconnect

Coherence code is a powerful message that supports a deep recalibration of your nervous system. Bringing you out of an autopilot over-stimulated, wired, or locked down, disassociated state so that you can adapt to stress, dropping you into a calm relaxed focus. It opens your heart and allows you to sink into a gentle and healing state as you embody the frequency of Love. Each ingredient works in symphony with the others and has been engineered and designed as an antidote to the burdens of stress, anxiety and trauma.  

The Coherence Code combines wildly different substances from a range of kingdoms to create a state that embodies the essence of tranquillity and brings you home to yourself. Regulating your nervous system, activating rest and digest is essential in healing, anti-ageing, connection and creating powerfully in the world. As you come into coherence, your brain and heart syncing, you awaken your intuitive inner knowing and your connection to your higher consciousnesses. It supports your ability to embody self-love and to nurture and take care of yourself as your highest priority in service of your divine plan. Living your Genius and creating powerfully starts with coherence and alignment as you raise your frequency, and embody your true power. 

Ingredients, frequencies of: Blue Lotus, Ashwagandha, Emerald, The Light of Venus, The Dhanvantari Mantra.

Returning Your Eyes To The Vision Of Youth

The Immortal Jellyfish has the ability to completely regenerate itself and begin life anew like a frog turning back into a tadpole. This message of regeneration has been captured as a frequency and local application in the eyes has been found to stimulate cell regeneration and improve the structure and functionality of the eyes.

Vision Code sends the message to regenerate the cells of the eyes and returns them to a younger version of themselves so that you may have a more youthful vision. It has been seen to improve both long and short distance vision when used over time as well as positively benefitting various eye conditions. Whatever eye condition one has, stronger and healthier regenerated cells in the eye will improve vision. Vision Code has been used positively for dry eyes, sun-damaged eyes, floaters and of course to help improve general vision.  Results may vary as there are various causes and genetic factors involved in poor vision and eye complaints but the strengthening of the eye will account for better vision.

Vision Code is designed to be taken at night, one drop per eye so the eye has time to regenerate while you sleep. One bottle should last approximately 3 months with the nightly application. It is designed to be taken ongoing but improvements are normally noticed within a short time. Most people taking it also take Immortal Code the remedy internally daily too as this supports not only the whole body to regenerate but also the eyes. Adding Vision Code directly into the eyes has a faster more direct and radical regeneration effect, especially when used with Immortal Code internally too. Ingredients: frequency of the Immortal Jellyfish Turritopsis Dohrnii.

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