EMF, Retrovirus And Chronic Diseases



Retrovirus is not a new term, but so many people are still not aware of what it is and what dangers are hidden in it.

It is essential to understand the mechanism behind as it can help to cure so many people with chronic conditions that are called "mysteries" as have no explanations. 


What Is Retrovirus?

A retrovirus is an infectious agent belonging to the RNA virus family called Retroviridae. It converts the RNA genetic information into a DNA of each infected cell and changes its genome.

The term "retrovirus" means it behaves backwards - not like other viruses known previously, where DNA makes RNA, and RNA makes protein.

There are three basic groups of Retroviruses:
1. The oncoretroviruses are able to cause cancer in some species;
2. The lentiviruses are able to cause severe immunodeficiency and death in humans and other animals, like HIV - the cause of AIDS;
3. The spumaviruses are not linked to any diseases in humans or animals.

Dr Judy Mikovits, Frank Rosetti, and other researches have found that there are HERVs - human endogenous retroviruses. They are abundant in the genomes of each person and usually make from 8% to 15% of the human genome. They have evolved within human DNA since we have existed.

In healthy cells, retroviruses lie dormant. But when a body is exposed to unhealthy conditions such as nutritional stress and deficiencies, injury or surgery, stressful life circumstances, vaccines, pesticides and environmental pollution, parasite infections, heavy metal poisoning, EMF exposure, etc. they make retroviruses in our genome "wake up" and cause symptoms.


What Diseases It Causes?

Dr Judy Mikovits explains the mechanism behind HERVs: "That is, retroviral elements, pieces and parts of retroviral elements that had been silenced. They're in our DNA, and they can be expressed. When they're expressed, they dysregulate the other gene functions. So, if they're expressed, they can dysregulate micro or regulatory RNAs, that then go back and turn on and off various gene expressions in the systems, to either suppress tumors, or promote tumors. We call them oncogenes, tumor-suppressor genes."

According to Dr Dietrich Klinghard, MD, PhD, a world-renowned expert in treating chronic illness, there are three main types of health conditions related to retroviruses:

Neurological conditions: multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Schizophrenia, most childhood illnesses as Autism, ADHD and ADD and behavioural problems; 

Auto-immune diseases: Lupus, Thyroid diseases, Polymyositis, Sjorgen's syndrome.

Cancer: prostate, breast, lung, bladder, colorectal, ovarian, kidney, leukaemia, etc.

Additionally, Retroviruses cause asthma, Lyme disease, Type 1 Diabetes,  mould illness, insomnia, brain fog, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many other "mystery illnesses" with no known causes.



How EMF Affects Retrovirus?

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) are invisible physical fields of energy produced by moving electric charges. Electric fields are produced whether or not a device is turned on, whereas magnetic fields are produced only when current is flowing, which usually requires a device to be turned on. 

Every electronic appliance such as your phone and computers, kettles and toasters, microwaves, smart meters, industrial equipment, the generation and transmission of electricity, broadcasting, telecommunications i.e. everything related to electrical power produces radiation that is affecting our bodies on cellular levels. 

Back in 1997, the Institute of Experimental Medicine, Italy, has conducted a research on EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus) genome in latently infected human lymphoid cells. It showed that even 50 Hz EMF exposure (in comparison to 5G that lies between 30GHz and 300GHz it is extremely low exposure) resulted in an increased number of cells expressing the virus early antigens. This finding provides additional evidence that DNA can be modulated by a magnetic field.


“The electromagnetic fields which are highly biologically active — they don’t actually heat the body the way an ionizing radiation or X-rays do — but the cells in your body really react to these EMFs as potentially harmful. And they shut down.” — Dr Ann Louise Gittleman


Dr Klingradt's opinion on EMF that he expressed in 2018: "Well, I’ve been aware of the damages and the dangers of Wi-Fi for a long time. We had our first seminar on electrosmog 12 years ago. So we were already full ongoing 12 years ago. And things have only gotten worse. 

And so, there are only two factors that drive the epitome of chronic illness: One is the Wi-Fi environment; and the other one is the agrochemicals, the chemicals used to grow our food. If you could control those two factors, there would virtually be no chronic illness. 

We would have succeeded in eradicating cancer and eradicating pretty much all chronic illnesses. But the opposite is happening. The incidence of neurological illness is going up every day. And the main thing that is paralleling is the increase in exposure to electromagnetic radiation. That has reached catastrophic dimensions."

Dr Klinghardt explains that retroviral infections can occur when there is a more visible pathogen as candida, parasites, herpes, Lyme bacteria, mold etc. These pathogens cause immune stress that can trigger the retroviruses (or many other triggers). Often when patients are diagnosed with candida overgrowth, chronic fatigue syndrom, Lyme's disease etc., the deeper source of such symptoms are retroviruses that got activated.

In Dr Dietrich Klinghardt's practice, he has successfully shifted retroviruses back to dormant state by reducing the EMF exposure, doing toxic metal detoxification, reducing toxic elements from air, water and food and taking specific suppliments. By doing that other diseases start to resolve as the deeper problem was solved first. 


“Viruses, parasites, bacteria, these different stressors can cause coagulation of the blood. Even EMFs — electromagnetic fields — or what’s technically called EMRs now, electromagnetic radiation from WiFi and Bluetooth, they can also change. Cell phones right to your head can change the coagulation of blood.” — Dr Jay Davidson


What Can You Do About It?

Dr Klinghardt has a whole retroviral protocol where he recommends to:

- Drink Cistus Incanus tea, take Broccoli Sprout Extract Powder and Ki RetroV Powder and Tincture, KiVita;

- Add Selenium suppliment;

- To do metal detoxification from aluminium, mercury and glyphosate by taking Chlorella, Biogarlic and other supplements;

- Protect the body from EMF exposure, especially from cellphones and WiFi, with EMR protection as Tesla's Technology.

Those are the recommendations on how to fight the Retroviruses, please consult with your doctor.

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